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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Experimenting with time out...

Well, the time has come where all those experts say it's a good idea to start disciplining, so after much research, I have decided that a simple round of time out should do it for my little man. For what reason should my little bundle of joy need to sit in the corner? He has started to throw things in bouts of frustration, and hit people just because (when he hits someone, he always has a super big smile on his face, but hitting is a no-no around here!). 

So the last few days I've been sitting him down in a corner of his room where I loudly count to 10. Well, of course my little smiley-baby just looks himself in the mirror and laughs at the whole situation! I think he really enjoys time out! Just about 45 minutes ago we were in the kitchen and Carter took a big WHAP at my leg with a shoe horn (?), so I said as sternly as possible, "Carter! That's a no-no! Time for time out!" and he said, "No, mama," which made me believe that maybe this little discipline thing is actually working...

Well, I was wrong about him being sad about having to sit in the corner. Like a good little boy, he put down the humongous shoe horn and marched himself over to time out, where he proceeded to sit down in his corner and look up at me with those big hazel eyes. Can you believe that?! Here I am trying to be a strict mother, full of discipline and wisdom, and my perfect little man is going along with it all voluntarily! It almost made me feel bad! Anyway, I couldn't help but laugh at the whole thing. After the little corner sit-down, Carter started laughing and gave my legs a huge hug, at which point I picked him up and gave him a big ole' kiss. 

What can I say? I'm a lucky mommy!

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