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Monday, September 19, 2011


I don't think there's anything quite like football season for a man with a son.
Of course that's a blanket statement,
the kind of statement which I usually loathe,
but honestly!
Does life get much better for a football fan when not only can he play fantasy football until he drops,
but teach his mini me
what the heck he's shouting at the TV for?
I don't think so!

The first words Chad said to Carter when he went to pick him up out of his crib after nap time today?
Hey, little man! Are you ready to watch some FOOTBALL?!!
to which he answered,
Followed by many a manly grunt and some wrestling moves.
So not only does my 21-month-old know exactly what Dad is talking about when he says the words "foot" and "ball" combined, but he is fully capable of egging my grown-man husband on.

All of which makes me think back to when Carter was brought home from the hospital in the thick of play-offs during 2009.
Now that I'm a sewing woman, wouldn't it be adorable to bring home another little munchkin in this?
I die.

And in extremely unrelated news,
because that's what type of mood I'm in,
I have a few bones to pick with that blasted city known to many as Vegas.

1. Repaint your lane dividers. There were multiple times where I almost died, one of which being on the way to a wedding. That would have been tragic, because not only would I be dead, but the entire wedding would have to transport itself to the morgue to pour over the sadness of it all, including the bride. No.Bueno.

2. Space your houses out. There is just so much gosh darn space out there filled with sand, why is it necessary to space those houses a mere two feet from each other? Chad and I were baffled by the lack of land between neighbors. Sheesh.

3. Cool down. I hate that type of heat.

4. You could delegate the funding used for the multiple street lights to more important things, like white paint for lane dividers. I was almost blinded many of time just by stopping at a red light. Not.Necessary.

5. Chill out on the air conditioning. Look, I get it: it's hell outside. Literally. But come on! Turn down the AC! My teeth were chattering! I was forced to wear jeans one night! Ay.Yi.Yi.

6. Your outlets are amazing, and that's the only nice thing I'm saying about you! Case in point: maternity sexy skinny jeans which were originally $210, but were handed to me for a minute $60. Awe.Some.

Okay, okay. 
There were more nice things about Vegas, but those were my discoveries while staying off the strip for the first time.
Now it's nice to be home and comfy.

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  1. oh my goodness that lil' football swaddle is just darling ... make me want a lil' baby boy so badly! and love your blog ... coming over from life made lovely monday!

  2. So cute!!! Love! Just pinned this from Craftomaniac

  3. so fun!!!! i love the football swaddle. if you would just find out if you were having a boy or girl you could make something super girly or super boyish, FIND OUT I'M DYING!!!! haha


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