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Thursday, September 29, 2011

September's last GIVEAWAY!

It's the last day of what has shown itself to be a grand month,
and what better way to go forth into the fall season than to have another
hosted by none other than the fabulously hilarious,
often times silly, Mrs. T.
{She is the woman who inspired this post, and that was quite the doozy}

Here are the goods, baby.
A matching 3-pouch set!

Also, winner gets to bring home a tie from my shop for the little man in her life!
{And am I allowed to pick a favorite, even though their from my own shop?}
{Okay, okay! You've twisted my arm quite enough! It's this one!}

Anyway, head on over her way, and enter!
I love these giveaways!
They get me so excited!


And don't forget that 
on Three's {4} Me,
so read all about it and get pumped, because
our first official
is this coming Tuesday,
complete with a super fun, business related theme.
But BEFORE Tuesday arrives,
there will be 
ANOTHER giveaway to kick things off,
a guest post from a Small Business Owner bad ass.
{Excuse my french}
{I may or may not have just done a back flip due to pure excitement}

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