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Friday, September 23, 2011


Linking up again with Jeannett!
life rearranged

Oh, man.
It's time for picture overload.

{After finally bringing in his pool floaty toy from the car, Carter has found a new play spot}

And how I love Friday for this reason!
To simply document our week is such a joy.
....I'm not even trying to be cheesy.
{But I guess I'm doing a pretty good job at it, eh?}

{Carter with his cousin Tessa meandering through Mandalay Bay}

Last Thursday was the start of our big family trip to Vegas,
which turned out to be quite the adventure.
A few pieces of advice:
1. Never leave for Vegas post 10:00 pm as we did, unless you are well equipped with a hilarious husband and/or have multiple games lined up, such as The Never Ending Story. Don't know what that is? It's easy. I say, "I," then you say, "went," then I say, "to," then you say, "the......" See? Easy peasy!
2. Don't assume your toddler will sleep the entire way out there just because you left your home at 10:00 at night. It probably won't happen.

{The fishies! The fishies!}

Anyway, while in Vegas we took a trip to the aquarium.
I've come to the conclusion that aquariums are the hip, newly-opened nightclub for new-ish parents.
Everyone gets super excited to go to them, and you always leave in a semi-daze because of the humidity.
See? It's like an ultra innocent bar scene, and we love it.

{Hi, I'm the cutest 21-month-old in the whole wide world!}

Some fun in the hotel tub.

{BBQ with the daddy-o}

.....Then it was back to the reality.
Daddy had to go to work to bring home the bacon, and Carter and I had errands to run.
This week was extra special though because we made a last minute stop at Chad's branch, and it turned into an impromptu lunch date.


And because I was ultra spiffy this week with my good ole' iPhone cam,
this was my meal, where I discovered that my new obsession is fried okra.

{Chicken and cheese filled croissants with a side of grapes? Yes!}

Okay, okay.
It's another food shot, one of which I've already posted and talked all about,
but it was just such a lovely night that I had to revisit our 

{Me no likey.}

Boo for doctor's appointments!
We had to take the little man in for a follow up on an ear infection,
one which he has fully recovered from.
It's so sad to watch how worked up he gets when we get called back to see the good doctor.
I blame the vaccination schedule.
The kid just knows.
Poor baby.


Call me a meanie, but this was just hilarious.
The two of us were having a wonderful day yesterday playing around and sewing in total harmony, when all of a sudden I hear him whining and saying,
So I went to take a gander in the general direction from which the sound was floating my way, and there he was,
completely stuck under the table because he had somehow maneuvered his way under there while playing with his cars. 
But he was totally calm!
He just put his head down on one of his hands and kept saying,
So instead of dragging him out of said position.....

{Good thing my Babe is too young to be embarrassed, because if this was five years in the future, I would be a dead woman}

......I grabbed my phone and took a picture from the opposite direction.
Look at that behind! It was so.funny.

{From my rico-suave man}

What my man surprised me with after work last night!
And what was even better?
He had Carter hand them to me!
I teared up. 
My man, the romantic!

{Oh, Reese!}

And last, but CERTAINLY not least, last night marked the arrival of my monthly heaven.
Hello, October's Marie.
You're lookin' mighty glorious this month.

So it was a great week from beginning to end,
with a little bit of pregnancy woes mixed in there,
none of which couldn't be solved by lots of water and some couch-layin'.
Yay for great weeks!

{Oh, yes, and did I mention that our NBC Thursday night line up has returned? Alleluia!}
{AND did I mention that you should go enter in the giveaway that's still going on over at One Artsy Mama?}
{AND have I already said that the month of September has been one of the best month's of all time? Hello, new shop. Hello, new friends. Hello, new experiences.}

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  1. i love the picture with the bubbles, so sweet! and i can't tell you how many of the exact same diaper shot i have!!! love your blog too, by the way!

  2. Aww poor little man getting stuck! I would have stopped to take a picture before unsticking my stuck child as well! :) I also love the picture of the cousins holding hands! Your blog is precious!


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