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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Park baby

{Hi, baby!}

You know,
some days you just have to stop and think to yourself,
Hey, I'm one lucky lady.

{New discoveries}

Even though the dishes aren't done,
and the laundry has taken over the better part of the floor;


dinner has become one big mystery,
and your hair seems to be perpetually pony-tail positioned;

{Hi, mama!}

you may or may not have touched poop the other day,
and you're sick of wearing that same button up shirt during your "outings" to the store;

{Careful! Careful!}

the baby threw a fit at the post office,
and somehow you keep missing that phone call from the pediatrician's billing office;

{Ahh, sand-encrusted goodies}

you can't quite find the time to read the Bulletin section of your newest Marie Claire,
and perusing the mall has become comparable to fine dining;

{Hi, duckies!}

and even though that husband left out his diet coke can again,
life is pretty grand,
and we are lucky.

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  1. I hear ya! Instead of cleaning up the piles of dishes, food, laundry, toys... I am enjoying reading blogs while my son is napping next to me. So much better than try to get things done! That's for the over achievers :)

  2. Love this! Life is good, and we ARE lucky.

    I have a fun rosette giveaway that I would love for you to enter!


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