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Friday, September 9, 2011

Insta-insta-instafriday time! {And a list or two}

My photo collection from this past week?
Oops....But guess what?
That gave me an excuse to creep through the ole' iPhone archives
and pick out a few moments that made me smile.
{And maybe want to bust out a happy dance because I'm ultra jazzed to sit down at my sewing machine today and get a move on.....Bow chicka bow wow

Graduating with one of my best lady friends, Whitney.

My brother being the best uncle in the whole wide world.
Look at that stud! When did it become okay for him to grow up?!

Chadly concentrating on a crafty project to compliment our outdoor patio set.
Hi, I'm the luckiest woman on earth.

Carter being a doll. Sheesh.

Other smile-worthy thoughts:
My upcoming shop opening.
Holy happy dance.

Driving to Vegas next Thursday night with my man and the munchkin for a wedding.

Cooking dinner in under 30 minutes last night.
Yes, it was an ultra tomato-y red sauce, but you know what? It only took me 30 minutes. Enough said.

Not so smile-worthy thoughts:
That 30 minute red sauce which has permanently attached its splattery, hideous self to the top of my stove.

Me denting circular formations in my wooden coffee table while trying my hand at yet another crafty endeavor. Woops.

And that's all I can think of for the non-smile worthy category!
What can I say?
I'm in a great mood!
Sayonara, computer desk!
I shall be sewing for the rest of this nap session.

And I'll be linking up here....
life rearranged
And HERE today!


  1. Holla I made the blog!! whoop whoop! Okay so I am getting nervous that some crafty woman has gone and run off with my (formerly) not-so-crafty bestie....need I refrence the PIN box (*cough crate *cough)

    I must say I have been proudly admiring from afar and want to discuss with you this sudden interest in crafts!! I'm SOOO impressed!!

    <3itb whit

  2. Sounds like a fun week (and I love all your pictures)!!! And yay for dinner in under 30 minutes :)


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