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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Morning at New York Fashion Week

Babe #1 is asleep.
Babe #2 and I are enjoying my McCafe.
And I want to talk about Fashion Week.
Not because I'm there.
In fact, I'm not even close to being there, because
word on the street is that they don't usually invite pregnant 
ladies who wear yoga pants 90% of the time,
but today's Wednesday and that means I'm thinking a little bit more about those things called clothes.
So here's what I did while creepily pretending to be at Fashion Week.
{Because that's normal...right?}


First of all, I woke up in my pent house suite and dined while gazing out over the city.

And then, once the tomfoolery ended on the balcony where we laughed and sipped champagne,
I got my make-up done, because Lord knows I can't face the press without my dream team.
Ugh. They can be such a bother sometimes.....

Next, I pick my outfit for the day!
What to wear, what to wear?
Eh, forget about the outfit, the real important question is 
what pair of shoes should I wear?
Should I wear this $1600 pair of Louboutins??

Or this $1600 pair of Louboutins??
I just don't know!
Oh, the burden of being photographed!

Once that decision has been made, 
it's time to figure out who to roll with.
Should I oblige the Olsen twins with their request?

Or should I hit the carpets with Rachel?

Each are worthy candidates, but I think I'll bless Rachel with my presence.
Oh shoot, it's already 11:30 and time to run!
Catch you later, all you non-participants in Fashion Week!
I pity you.


Now that I got that creepiness out of my system,
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Time's a-tickin'!

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  1. Haha! You are right, this wasn't creepy at all! ;)

    Thanks for enjoying my "knitting" post!

  2. Hilarious! You make me laugh because I can totally see myself doing this. One day I might actually make it to fashion week, but until then, happy pretending.

  3. LOL, you're too cute. Not creepy at all, just silly and fun! :0)

    I have your blog bookmarked, and I check it out from time to time, but today it's different! Did you just change the name? I'm kinda confused! lol

  4. great the comment about pregnant women in yogo pants...!


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