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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

Oh, Awkward and Awesome!
It's that time of week again, and how I love it!
{To recount the awkwardness!}
{To reassess the awesomeness!}
Just wonderful.
Anyway, let's get-a-going.

Outrageously awkward: walking along the Champs de Elysee in that outfit. We defined white trash in Parisian standards. 
At least there was a legitimate reason behind this get-up...We were fresh off the plane and waiting for our hotel room to open up for us. But still. 


* Having this subconscious thought that your son's pediatrician thinks you're straight out of the show 16 And Pregnant. Look man, I know I look young, and I never wear make-up to see you, but stop looking at me that way! It makes me feel weird! I know this is dumb, but it makes me want to talk to him about how great college graduation was, just so that way he knows I'm old enough to have graduated college! I know. It's ridiculous.

* Sleeping in until 9:00 {!!!!} because I thought Carter's "Mama! Mama!" was in my dream. Woops, sorry son! Of course even the fact that it was a mistake didn't make me feel any less guilty. Ahh, mommy guilty.

* The employees at my local Joann's hating their lives. Look, I don't get it. Why wouldn't the manager of that place hire people who actually like to sew and craft? The Joann's by my parent's house is full of post-65 year old women who couldn't be happier to tell you about their latest adventure in sewing-land, or to baby-talk with Carter, but here, NEVER! I asked the girl cutting my fabric the other day what she thought about this thread versus that thread, and she literally looked at me with dead eyes and said, "You know, I'm not sure. This is just a job." She tried to salvage herself by adding an awkward giggle, but the damage was done. I just sort of laughed, but as I walked away towards the cashier {who equally hated her life}, I thought, "Wow. That was really bad. Why would they hire someone like that? Sheesh." 

* Men painting the exterior of our apartment complex. Honestly, this takes the cake. I'm laughing awkwardly by myself just thinking about it. So yesterday I felt like absolute poop so I didn't go into work, and since Wednesday's are one of Chad's blessed days off, the three of us were frolicking around in our bedroom. Well, Chad was at the computer doing something for class that night, and Carter and I were rolling around on our bed. Now it was around 9:30 in the morning, so I still had my pj's on, which was a t-shirt and these super tiny shorts {tmi?}. Anyway, all of a sudden Chad says, "Hey, don't look now but there's a man right behind you." What?? So I tilt my head backwards, and there was a man taping the outside of our OPEN window! The blinds were wide open too, so we were all awkwardly sitting there, me in my teensy weensy shorts and no bra, acting like we all weren't seeing each other and feeling awkward! Oh.My.Gosh. It was so weird. Carter pointed to the man and said, "Mama?" Finally, Chad reached over and closed the blinds, which made it even worse because we were all still ultra aware of the situation. Sheesh. So.Weird.

* Writing two long, long, long, long awkward situations about the same week. {See above}.

Outrageously awesome: biking through the Palais de Versaille gardens.
This was my favorite day out of our entire honeymoon.
Ahh, love.


* Opening my shop this month, and being involved in so many giveaways, one of which is going on today. Honestly, what a great feeling.

* My man loving his new hobby, which is biking. Who would have thought? If you're looking for something fun to do which will give you a great work out, buy a bike and use it. It will make you happy.

* Carter getting uber-excited when he stacks his cars one on top of the other. It makes me want to cry. In fact I majorly teared up last night watching him play with his toys while I sat there lying on the couch feeling horrible. It was so sweet! He opens his mouth super wide, and says, "Mom! Mom! Ooooooooo!" So.Precious.

* The atmosphere inside my apartment right now. We spent the morning running errands {which was not such a good idea because of aforementioned poop-feeling}, and when we came back, it was cool and dark and just felt like fall was a-coming. Even though it's sort of creepy, I still have the blinds closed. It makes me feel all snuggly.

* Chad coming straight home from work tonight. No class. No work thing. No fantasy football draft. Actually, let me retract that statement.......Chad coming straight home from work tonight after stopping by the store to grab some lettuce for our salad. Okay, that's better.

* Babe #2 jumping around in there like a hot tamale. When I was at this stage with Carter, he didn't move around as often, but when he did, he would thrash. This one moves around consistently all day long, but with little, tiny, fluttery movements. Love.It.

* Finding those maternity jeans. I don't need to elaborate.

* Watching my cousin Jessica get married to her prince charming. So sweet, and so beautiful.

* Finding out that my two best lady friends will be moving in together. Except for the fact that this "moving in" business will be taking place in Arizona, a whole state away from me, I'm very, very happy for them.

*Collecting awkward situations from the week because it gives me the chance to scour through my old pictures in search of past weird situations. Every single time I go through my outrageously unorganized picture folders, I laugh. It's just so funny to look back on old times. Maybe one day when I'm older I'll look back on my pictures and ask myself "What was I thinking? Who wears stuff like that?!" I guess I'm just getting a head start on that inevitable conversation I'll have one day.

* Just life in general. Feeling content is downright awesome.

And, of course, this was inspired by The Daybook


  1. Totally feel ya on the first one! I am not 16, I promise!

    And oh my...the guy outside your window. I would have had a heart attack!

  2. I love when I make the blog!!! I think your next awkward segment could include some of the HORRIFICALLY awkward photos we took in our college years....liz and I went through ours and oh man the faces we made....

  3. You did NOT bike through the Versaille Palace gardens..???? what an incredible experience!! I love Paris. Have to go back and get inspired again. I know what you mean about poos customer service not only at a craft store but this days seems to be all over the place. People are just not happy with their jobs...I just simply tell them right out flat to get another job. Just got tired of keeping it to myself and them getting away with this kinds of things. So happy to have found your blog. Following :)

  4. I seriously love your blog! Rosie always talks about it and how she wants to get into the "mom blogging scene" haha I see why! I literally laughed out loud the entire way through. Keep posting!!!

  5. haha! you have some seriously awesomes and awkwards! wow! really laughed over the Joann's thing. totally true!


  6. OMG, I so know what you are talking about with Joanns!!! I think that almost every time I am there! I actually don't like to get my fabric there if I can help it, especially if I don't have a coupon...You should go and check out M&L fabric in Anaheim or Jenny's fabric in Fountain Valley. The people aren't any nicer, however they are super knowledgeable... and the selection and prices are WAY better than Joanns! For example, last year I found some fabric at joanns that I loved, but didn't want to pay 13.99 a yard for jenny's, same fabric $2.99 a yard... (they are sister companies, M&L is a lot bigger than jenny's, but both are great...especially if you don't want to make the trip to LA to save $).


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