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Thursday, September 15, 2011


Today is a 
kind of day 
because WAY later on we'll be hoppin' on the ole'
family ve-hi-cle
to make our way up to
the City-O-Sin for a family wedding.
But there will be very little "sinnin'" from this little lady because Babe #2 strictly forbids it.
And Babe #1 wouldn't be too happy about it either.
So maybe there will be a little bit of bad behavior from this guy
But that's only because he deserves it, poor fella.
Every milla-second of his day is planned out for him.

But anyway, the reason for all the housework is because who the heck wants to come home to a dirty house? Not I, I say!

And let's be honest here:
The only way to achieve a truly clean house is to either
a) plan a dinner party,
b) plan a mini vacation.

Both situations put you under the gun, and man oh, man, those toilets aren't gettin' scrubbed unless one of those two events is etched into the calendar. 
It's true.

So excuse me while I go to hang out with 
my three best friends for the time being.
{One way of knowing that it's been too long since you've deep cleaned is when you're actually happy to pull these things out of the depths of under-the-sink land. I actually cracked a smile while doing so. Sickening.}


  1. This is too funny! Seriously, the only thing that motivates me ton clean too is hosting people! Hope you have a wonderful trip!

  2. good for you. my house needs those three friends in a bad way. :)

  3. I <3 Clorox wipes...and so does my kitchen.

  4. Came by way of Sunny Vanilla. Lovely giveaway. Btw, I have a blog party called Market Your Biz and Giveaways so please feel free to link up your biz and etsy.


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