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Thursday, September 29, 2011


Okay, so I've decided to go out on a limb here,
and do something.
Something which I hope will turn into something bigger,
something which can help you and me,
something  which hopefully will bring about a community.

I've decided that
October is going to be
here on

What does this mean?
{Well, if you'll allow me a moment to let that expensive education to shine through,}
small business month is committed to teaching myself and others the ins-and-outs of small business through networking, the sharing of ideas and support by creating a forum for small business owners.

So who is a small business owner?
Hmmm...Let me think here......
How about anyone with an etsy account?
How about all you independent contractors?
How about a hair stylist?
How about you as a blog owner?
How about anyone who thinks well, maybe.... but just hasn't done it yet?

What will this Small Business Month be about, eh?
Okay, are you ready?
This month will be jam packed with......

* Tips and marketing advice as found by myself and contributors to the cause
{Because that's what I'm considering this to be}

* Link-Up parties galore with beneficial themes regarding business every Tuesday and Thursday.
{Me likey}

* Guest posts from some serious heavy hitters, including Casey Wiegand, Ashley from The Shine Project, and Caroline from Good Times Never Seem Sew Good, and a few others who will be a surprise {but believe me, you should be excited!} 

* Q&A's with industry know-how's, including Gussy from Gussy Sews, and Heather from Just.Lovely.Things {again, be excited!}

* Information from outside-of-the-box business owners and independent contractors, such as a Realtor

* Not one, but two massive, three-day-long group giveaways designed to promote and celebrate you and your small business

So here's where you come in:
If you are a small business owner, and would like to participate in one of the two massive group giveaways during the month of October, please contact me
If you are an aspiring small business owner, and has a specific question regarding your business, please contact me so that I have some direction
If you have any sort of advice and I have not contacted you already, please contact me
If you would like to do an informational {and fun!} guest post regarding your business, please contact me
If you like my hair, please contact me
{I'm funny!}


Here's the deal people:
Since I've opened my shop, I've noticed that I naturally gravitate towards business-centered articles online, any blog I can find that has some sort of marketing strategy, and basically ANYTHING that has to do with launching a small business, so I thought
Hey, why not attempt to build a forum for BEGINNER business owners, such as myself?
I'm sure there are a bajillion people out there with the same thoughts I have, and the same drive to get a-goin'.
So here I am.
And I really, really, really, REALLY hope that you are on board with this, because I'm getting nervous even as I'm typing.

Anyway, enough chatter.
{Oh, one more thing! If you think this is an awesome idea, how about informing your friends?}
{If you're like me, you've found millions of small business owners, just in blog world, so spread the love!}
{You can do so by grabbing a button for Small Business Month in my sidebar}

Okay, okay, enough!
How about we close out this declaration with a precious beyond precious picture of one of the main reasons I chose to take the small business route for,
my babe?

Linking up here.


  1. i just posted this post to my facebook love! yay!!!!

  2. Awesome! So excited abou this. What a great idea!

  3. This is such an amazing idea! I'm really excited!

  4. This is exciting. I've been thinking and praying on the idea of starting a cake ball business. Just me and my husband. No idea where to start. I will be tuning in and reading your posts :)

  5. Wow! So exciting seeing that I am just embarking on a small business myself and secured an advert on The Shine Project come 11/1... Can't wait to read up here and get to know woman who are interested in lifting each other up ;-) xo

  6. Hey! Thanks for your comment back. I did send you an email last week - did you not get it? I'll try again thanks :)

  7. Awesome, I'm in! Off to share it now!

  8. this is a fantastic idea! can't wait to read more :)


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