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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

Let's. Get. Rollin'.


* Saying to my mom, "Yes mother, I actually do miss wearing make-up, I'm just, you know going through a non-make-up wearing phase....." Maybe I need to start a What Make-Up I Wore link party or something to hold myself accountable for actually caring about my face enough to throw some mascara on. Let's just say that staying at home with the tot doesn't exactly help the situation.

* The hair on the top of my hair that is actually not growing lush and long with my prenatals, but rather falling out in creepy doses throughout the day. It's safe to say that if any morsel of food falls to the floor at any location in the apartment, there will be a strand of blonde hair attached to it. Yuck.

* Wearing my precious dress from Paris which buttons in the front and having it burst open as soon as I hopped in the car to go to church. Not. Comforting.

* Hearing from my husband that not only have all the bolts in his brand new bike shaken loose, but HIS PEDDLE BROKE OFF! What?! Stupid bike! We just bought that thing on Sunday! Ridiculous.

* Having to reschedule my dentist appointment AGAIN because I completely forgot about it. These people at the dentist office must think I'm one of those people who just don't care about my personal hygiene. I've rescheduled that darn cleaning numerous times, and it doesn't help that Chad has some sick obsession with the dentist, so they're all pals with him over there. I probably seem like his creepy, unhygienic wife. Oh, well. I don't like the dentist.

* Going through old pictures from my freshman year of college. Yikes. A little too much time on our hands.


* The fact that I'm getting a brand new Kindle in the mail at some point today! My other one has one of those ads permanently stuck in the top right corner, so I called the help line ready to complain, and the nice lady with a Southern accent said, "You know, honey, I'm going to send you another one." I stupidly said in response, "Are you sure?! I mean, thank you!" Awesomeness.

* The hubby having a three day weekend coming up. Oh. Happy. Day.

* Carter being excited about brushing his teeth. Smiles, smiles, smiles. {Except when he wants to run around with his tooth brush in his mouth.}

* Carter counting to three without me prompting him. Ahh, the joys.

* Feeling Babe #2 kick around in there every night post 9:30. It's like our special little routine, just the two of us, and Chad, when he can feel Nebechenezer. {That's our name for Babe #2 around these parts until delivery day, since we have no idea if he or she is a lady or a gent. Isn't that a more flattering name than Babe #2?? We think so.}

* Carter surprising us with kisses. 

* Hearing from the husband that although he has had a strenuous week, it's been awesome for work. Hi, I'm proud. 

* Making this little beaut last night:

Yep, sewing is now a friend of mine.


  1. The bag you made is adorable!! Have a great week!

  2. You're not the only one, Nicole, when it comes to disliking dentists. Hehe. When I was a child, I never wanted to go to our dentist, and I feel bitter whenever I heard the word "dentist." But I never expected it'd be my profession when I grow up. You'll get over it one of these days. Hehe. =)

    - Emmy Summers


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