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Friday, April 8, 2011

Growin' up...

Well, there's no two ways around it: Carter is getting too old, too fast, for his mama. Every single day there's a new triumph, some milestone reached, and here I am with one foot standing on the side saying, "Go, Carter, go!" and the other foot on the, "Please stay little and cuddly for me!" side. Here are a few pictures of my baby toddler growing up. 

No longer is sleeping his life's sole ambition... *tear*

Now he can sit up whenever, where ever, he wants, at any time, day or night, instead of me having to prop him up on a few pillows... *sniff, sniff*

His baby carrier is a thing of the past, now viewed as a bulky, heavy device made only to strain my lower back... 
*but doesn't he look precious in it? tissue, please!*

This summer he will be running wild at the lagoon, and probably won't need me to hold him every time his toe touches the cold water...
*that's a good thing, right...?*

This coming football season will be filled with him actually learning the meaning to TOUCHDOWN! when Daddy jumps off the couch with excitement...
*no more sitting with Mommy while Daddy makes a fool out of himself...multiple tears...*

Oh man, my little man is growing up a little bit too fast for Mommy!
*no tears this time, but slow down, would'ya?*

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