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Sunday, April 17, 2011

A quick stop at the beach

In response to the warm weather, we decided to take a trip down to the beach. Since we didn't want to have to worry about insane parking or long hikes down to the sand, we decided to give Huntington Beach a shot (they have two parking structures for all us beach goers). Anyway, I've never been a fan of that beach for some reason, but I decided that the parking situation was worth it. As we turned onto the 55 South, we saw the marine layer which still covered the ocean, which bummed us out, but we were sure it would burn off. 

Well, it didn't. It was freezing! We parked the car anyways and headed for the pier, which proved to be a bad choice because the wind was giving us the chills left and right. After a few precious photos, we decided to head back to the ol' car. At least we tried! Enjoy our mini photoshoot!

Looking happy as always :)

Oh, just thinking deep thoughts as the wind blows through my hair . . . 

He loves his Daddy :)

Carter hangin' with the bear outside of the chocolate factory :)

So, even though we were there for a grand total of about forty-five minutes, it was a good little road trip with the family :)

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