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Saturday, April 16, 2011

I can see the light!

Today was the day I dragged my almost-college-graduated butt back to campus to complete what is known as the EWP (a.k.a. the English Writing Proficiency test; a.k.a. the big-fat-waste-of-time test). Anyway, this test is given to every. single. person. in the University. Yes, you read that correctly. Are those the words of unsound reasoning and complete absurdity? Absolutely! So an Engineering major is required to take the same test as an English major. A Math major sits in the same auditorium as a History major and answers the same prompt! 

Basically this test is exceedingly easy for half of the student body, and incredibly difficult for the other half. What the reasoning behind giving out a blanket test to everyone is beyond me. Unfortunately I occupy the half of the student body which found the test insanely easy, which is a good thing, I know, but it just made me frustrated that I was forced to drive up to Fullerton to prove that I can write "clearly and efficiently." How stupid! I wrote hundreds of papers for my American Studies double major, and got A's! There should be some sort of exemption standard for this stupid exit exam!

But, besides that, I am SO HAPPY I'm done with it! Leaving the auditorium I wanted to burst into song, start skipping, do anything that would convey my excitement for almost completing my bachelors! 


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  1. Aw! What a bummer! At last you still got to see the ocean...? I'm looking for a bright side for you!


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