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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A little love for our living room

After much ado, our beautiful new couch has arrived! Yes, it was over a week late (the trusty gentleman at the warehouse seemed to have assumed the couch was there for pure entertainment, as they forgot to call us to say it was out of production, therefore was patiently waiting to be welcome into our lovely home), and the "nice" delivery guys dropped it off over three hours past the allotted time slot (ugh), after I got into what seemed like the world's most inappropriate argument with the store's "book keeper." Looking beyond that, however, she's finally here (and yes, I am personifying the new cushions waiting for me to sit upon her)! But enough talking, here is a quick look at our old couches . . . 

Check out those couch covers! Yes, I am very thankful for them, because without those things we would have been subjected to viewing the hideous brownish/yellowish, puke colored fabric underneath . . .

. . . but, man, am I happy to be done with the days of "tucking in the couch."

So, we have moved onward and upward to our newest "large" purchase: a sectional!

Thar she blows! Isn't she glorious?

Anyway, I would show a better picture of the room as a whole, but we still have some major cosmetic work to do, including hanging an ode to family and friends on one of the walls, buy a few more lamps to light up the room, and hang this awesome wine rack thing (great description, eh?) on the wall to my left in the picture. Anyway, we are quite happy with our purchase :)

Oh yes, and see that ridiculously amazing coffee table right smack dab in the middle of the room? It opens up to all this storage underneath. After finding out that one of our friends wanted to sell it for WAY cheaper than what it's worth, we swooped in and told him we would take it! Oh, the innocence of not knowing the true value of storage space (a.k.a., the innocence of pre-childcare years!).

And one last picture . . . Here is Carter enjoying a piece of her mid-assembly :)

He just climbed up there and took a seat :)


  1. it's beautiful!!! i can't wait to go to CA and sit on it! oh and carter is hilarious! :)

  2. Oh I am jealous! That is one gorgeous couch!!


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