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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Quite the pleasurable day

Yesterday was one of those out-of-control busy days. We were here, we were there, we were up, we were down, we were everywhere! Luckily I had anticipated for such a day, therefore the timing of all events was perfectly executed, creating a stress free, fun filled day! Here is how it went:

* As soon as Chad left for work, the little man and I scurried around trying to get ready for a few errands. We then took off for the bank (where I withdrew my $20), then Babies-R-Us for an astronomically large box of diapers, next we stopped off at the grocery store for a few midweek updates, and finally, last and certainly most importantly, I got myself a McCafe :)
* As soon as we got home, I put Carter down for a nap and ate my daily midmorning meal of scrambled eggs, a cinnamon raisin bagel and coffee. I then sprinted around the apartment, trying to clean up everything in my path, while answering ten million emails. I should have been getting some homework done (which is what I should be doing right now), but blogspot was calling my name! Anyway, it was quite a productive nap session.
*  And then came the fun part! A few girls who went to my high school, and also have little munchkins, came over for a playdate! It was so much fun! We had Drake (22 months old), Gavin (14 months old) and my little man (who is now 15 months old) running around like madmen! It was so adorable! At first they were all really shy, but then everyone relaxed and started having fun! I loved talking with other mommies! It was just an all around great time :) We tried to fit in a photoshoot at the very end, but that was easier said than done:

First, Carter went missing . . .

. . . so it was just Drake and Gavin being good little guys . . . 

. . . then Carter decided that he wanted to join in . . .

 . . . so we finally got a few good shots :)

*  Next on the agenda, the girls left and Grandma came over to watch Carter while I dashed out for Fullerton for some graduation-centered fun with one of my best friends, Whitney Thomas. Oh, did I mention that Whitney is MISS. PLACENTIA? Yes, my friend is queen of all the land! Anyway, we met at our old stomping ground (the sorority house), and took her NEW car over to campus. We were there to get all things graduation related, something which I did not think would excite me as much as it did. When the man handed me my cap and gown, I got major butterflies, which sent me on a shopping binge! I bought a CSUF alumni sweatshirt, joined the alumni association (?), got myself a license plate cover, and finally restrained myself before buying a super fancy diploma frame. It was so much fun! I'm actually extremely excited to walk for graduation now!

Yep, that will be me!

*  Whitney and I then proceeded to a much needed sushi dinner, where we caught up and laughed for about two hours straight. It was so much fun! I love how we constantly plan out Whitney's life as if she's my little Barbie!

There's the lovely Whitney at my wedding :)

Anyway, it was a great day full of great people!

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