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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Carter is now at the age where exploration is a major part of his daily routine. He digs, sifts, burrows, dumps, and throws anything and everything within his little grasp. The pantry has become his most exciting excavation site, and we get a kick out of it every single day (so long as I don't get lazy and allow him to pull EVERYTHING out, he keeps it at an easy-to-clean-up minimum). Here is how it usually goes:

First helps himself by opening the door . . . 

Then he goes on to displace a few items . . . (looking precious, all the while) . . .

And then  he finds IT! The jackpot! The money find! The GOLD FISH!

"Mama! Mama! Mama!"

. . . At which point I usually say, "no, no, Carter, it's too early for Gold Fishies." But today, because he was such a good boy, I gave in and gave him exactly 5 Gold Fishies :)

Oh, the world according to a toddler!

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