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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My poor broken camera

Well, my camera is experiencing a "lens error." It's such a bummer! I didn't realize how many pictures I take on a daily basis until I couldn't take them anymore! What's worse is that it makes reluctant to blog since my photos apparently are the basis of most of my posts, and in turn my blog is one of the reasons I take so many pictures. Anyway, here is what's been going on around these parts recently:

*Easter was fabulous. Carter looked dashing in his new argyle blue and grey sweater vest, and it was so precious to watch him run around after all the eggs at my parent's house. First we attended church at 9:00 (at which the little man was an angel of perfection, waiting until the very end to start pointing and giggling at others around us), and then we started the brunch festivities for the day with the families. It was quite lovely :)

*Chad has had the last three days OFF WORK! He decided it was time to cash in some of his blessed PTO (paid time off -- bow chicka bow wow!), in exchange for some family time with good old us. In light of his break from work, we took a trip to Disneyland yesterday, and I can say with complete confidence that it was our best trip to date. 

*This has to do with D-Land as well, but it's so important it deserved it's own asterisk :) CARTER GOT HIS FIRST PAIR OF MICKEY MOUSE EARS (and we had them embroider his name on the back)! It literally was the cutest thing I've ever seen! At first we thought he would hate them, but he kept them on his precious head the entire day! Oh my gosh, I'm laughing just thinking about it! Today when I went to work Chad told me that Carter refused to eat his breakfast unless his ears were secured upon his blonde little head! Yes, I'm melting with love :)

*Last, but not lease, we are getting some family photos taken today by 1 Click 2 Click Photography! We are basically copying one of my other mommy friends and are going on down to San Clemente to capture some love! I shall post the pictures as soon as I get them back!

Now I'm off to coordinate our outfits! Ta-ta!

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