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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The horizontal one-two step, if you know what I mean

Okay, so I was debating even writing this bad boy, but guess what? 
I just so happened to have stumbled upon a ridiculously hilarious post made by Mrs. T, and I was sold.
Plus, I decided that it's okay if I discuss these things out in the open because I'm a married woman and that's just that. 
So! Are we ready?
{Here goes......}

There's this convenient little myth floatin' around the ole' universe, created by the We-Hate-Marriage club, a club which just so happens to have an amazing PR agent, because it has spread all over the world. What is said myth, you ask? Well! It is quite atrocious, and goes a little something like this......

Boy meets girl. Boy likes girl, Girl likes boy. Girl thinks of holding hands while walking on a beach, Boy thinks of back rows of movie theaters. Years go by. Girl thinks of pretty bouquets, white dresses and china sets. Boy now thinks of holding hands while walking on a beach. More years go by. Boy asks girl big question. Girl gets giddy and calls her mom and plans get going. Boy and Girl are like Ken and Barbie. Girl puts clothes on that makes her look pretty. Girl does her make up. Boy drives a pink convertible and wears ascots. {Well, no, but...}. Boy and Girl go to the chapel where they get ma-r-r-r-r-ied. Boy and Girl come back from honeymoon. Years go by. Girl stops wearing make up. Boy does not wear ascots anymore. Girl falls asleep at 9:30. Boy does not mind because he can now play video games. Girl takes care of babies. Girl has spit up on her clothes. Boy chuckles and life goes on. Girl now wears sweats. Girl is forever in sweats. Girl does not wear pretty lacy things when going to bed. Girl does not think that's practical. Boy becomes okay with this. Boy and Girl are not okay with the fact that they are okay with this, but they are okay with that fact, too. Boy and Girl are now married. The End.

Nice little myth, the We-Hate-Marriage club came up with, eh?! 
It's the Marriage=Death myth!
And it's not okay, because it scares away all our single counterparts from the institution of good ole' marriage!
{Well, the boys at least}

But guess what's even worse?
That "myth" could easily become a "non-myth."
That myth could become some poor married couples reality.
You want to know why?
Because Girl's sweats does not lure Boy to take part in the horizontal one-two step.
Lack of Boy's ascot equally does not lure Girl to take part in the horizontal one-two step, either.

Moral of the story?

So, in the words of Casey Wiegand, let's pursue our husbands!
{or our wives, in the case of you Ken's}

Aww, love.....

Thanks, Mrs. T! Awesome post!
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  1. Girl I love this well said... :) Glad to have found you and your blog.

  2. HA. Great post. And, great breakdown of the "myth." I agree, it scares the single folk and must be stopped!

  3. Awesome! Following from Mrs.T!


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