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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

{circa 2008?}


* Speaking too quickly while working and saying something totally weird on the microphone. While spitting at the same time. Because I was talking too fast. And making eye contact with someone while doing all that. I think I've lost my edge in the ole' work department as of right now. 

* Chad and I both falling asleep during one of our favorite shows and him telling me that the only reason he woke up is because we were both snoring quite enthusiastically. We are a sexy couple.

* Wanting - WANTING - to enjoy the finale of the Sing Off, but not being able to because of the a) Nick Lachey weirdness, and b) the let's-get-the-audience-involved-in-this-harmony action. I couldn't take it, I just couldn't take it!

* The extreme waddling going on around here. Man, this baby just does not want me to walk upright like a normal human being! He/she prefers for me to stay slightly hunched, with AT LEAST 3-5 feet of space between my knees at all times, and I mean that in literally the most unsexual way possible. {Have you seen me lately?} It's quite fetching, let me tell you.

{wine tasting, baby!}


* Knowing that Babe #2 is almost here with us {this coming Saturday = 35 weeks!}

* Having sorted Carter's old baby clothes into "BOY" and "UNISEX!" It's quite the big deal around these parts!

* The fact that Once Upon a Time has returned to me!

* The turkey sandwiches we have been enjoying.

* The Canon Rebel T2i we just got! WOOHOOO! {Today's nap session = reading the manual. This is one of those investments where you've just got to do it.}

* Experimenting with said cam-er-a! 

* Carter always wanting to help put the dishes away. He grabs things out and says, "AND THIS ONE! AND THIS ONE! AND THIS ONE!" So.Darn.Cute.

* Chad coming home with some SERIOUSLY AMAZING NEWS the other night! More on that to come.

* The fact that today marks the first official day of DECEMBER! 

* Blogging lately. I know this is SO one of those cliche things to say, but for the last few days I've been having quite a lot of inspiration come my way. I know, I know, I just said THAT, but seriously! It's pretty darn awesome.

I hope you've had a great balance of AWKWARDNESS and AWESOMENESS during your week,
because who can appreciate the awesomeness, without a little awkwardness??

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  1. You're so close to the finish line girl! Can't wait :) ALSO-- congrats on the new camera. SO jealous!


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