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Monday, December 19, 2011

preparing for BABY: part 3

So remember the master, pre-baby list?
Well, one of the bajillion things gracing it was to change Babe #1's room from BOY BOY BOY to a SOOTHING, PINTEREST-INSPIRED, UNISEX, ORGANIZED nursery, even though we might not even be living in our little pent house by the time Babe #2 is ready to move from our bedroom into his/her own precious crib down the hall with Big Brother. 

Anyway, this was one of those things I just HAD to get done. I was sick of the old lay out, the blue was making me want to gag, and man, we just needed to switch it up in there. So, like I said, I resorted to pinterest, because how can one get through life nowadays without it? 

Here has been room #2's life span:
{Aww look at us two youngsters! What a fun day that was!} 

{Chadly constructing the crib. You know, doing such activity is like a right of passage for men....He wouldn't let ANYONE help him!} 

{The finished product, looking glorious as glorious can be.} 

{.....and then Babe #2's nesting urges told me it's time to go unisex. Lucky Chad!} 

{Here's one brief look at the last remnants of my husband's bachelorhood: those surfing pictures - which have NOTHING to do with a jungle themed nursery - are now appropriately tucked away in our hallway closet. Sorry, honey bunny!}

{So while Chad painted and meandered throughout that filth, I worked on a few projects for our soon-to-be unisex oasis of luxury.} 

{Thanks, under-the-bed, old scrap book paper!} 

{And then the time came to put the whole thing together. I have to say, I'm a huge fan.} 

{Ahh, they're kind of like curtains, but without the ridiculous holes in the wall!} 

{So Chad thinks this is totally pointless and slightly weird, but hey! I like it, and the bright colors make me smile, so yay!} 

{Horrendous lighting, but here's everything.....untidy toys and all!}

So I'm happy to say that we are inching closer and closer to full-on, Babe #2 preparedness! 

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  1. Getting close! So exciting!

  2. Looks very cute! You two did a great job! The pictures frames are fun and funky, and the bunting is just plain cute!

  3. SO cute!! Love the banner... wish I was having another in just a short time, what a blessing!

    xx - britt

  4. I just came across your blog and it's fabulous, I love it. Thanks for sharing:)


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