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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Preparing for BABY: part 4

Good Lord.
We are nesting big time around here.
And by "we" I mean Chadly.
Okay, not just Chad...I'm tying up loose ends as well...but my man has taken baby prep to a whole new level....
This is a real thing! Who would have thought that someone was capable of topping my psycho we-need-to-get-this-laundry-done-NOW state of mind?? Who could have predicted that someone other than myself would come up with the idea to bleach our shower because of all the filth that has built up in the last few weeks months?? And you know what's awesome? I didn't even tell him yet that I would like if he could bust out the bleach bottle and get a-cleanin', he did it on his very own! 
Woohoooo for man nesting!

Okay, here are a few other things he has done completely voluntarily:

- Rented a Rug Doctor and cleaned the carpets of our ENTIRE apartment -

- As aforementioned, bleached our shower from top to bottom - 

- He HAD to clean out our car of all evidence of Christmas tomfoolery, namely humongous car tracks -

- The Christmas tree has been taken out and the living room is back to normal, albeit a very CLEAN normal, thanks to the now-spotless carpet - 

- Carter's toys have been properly batter-ied up and are running smoothly, so as not to run into this problems post-baby-coming-home -

- and AS WE SPEAK, he is rearranging all of our DVD's into another section of the living room, JUST BECAUSE! Ahh, to feel thoroughly organized in your own home! -

See! What an awesome man I have!
I don't think I would have thought about half of these things, even with my outrageously long baby TO-DO list!
Cheers to husbands who are efficient nesters!

And here are a few things I've been up to lately in the baby department:
 {I have stocked my other new bundle of joy: THE COACH BABY BAG CHAD GOT ME FOR CHRISTMAS!}

 {In case the baby is a girl, she NEEDS an over-the-top, precious precious precious beanie to wear home from the hospital!}

{My big boy's outfit for our hospital picture!}

And last, but certainly not least, can we just talk about how much MORE prep time it takes for BABY #2, versus BABY #1?? One would think it would be the exact opposite, but alas, IT IS NOT!
I feel like we've been running a marathon for a straight month! It's insane! The last few days have literally been nuts, and I thought we would have it all on lock by now! At least there's no better reason for feeling like your TO-DO list might eat you whole. 
Sheesh kapeesh!


  1. I've been wondering... when are you due?? Looking forward to baby's arrival!

  2. Go your hubby for doing all that man nesting!! Thats awesome! Im so excited to see if your having a boy or girl, thats such a fun surprise! I bet your house looks beyond amazing and clean, whoo hoo for organization! haha

  3. My husband has been doing this and I'm not even pregnant. Ha! This morning I caught him rearranging vinyls alphabetically...

  4. Looks like you're ready...adding to the family- what a fun thing to look forward to this new year!

  5. I too had over-the-top nesting! I actually took off the shower curtain and scrubbed the shower rings with a toothbrush!!! Ri-dic-ulous! (they sell those at the dollar store for A DOLLAR!) Hang in there and keep letting him "Man Nest" (that's an awesome deal!

  6. congrats and good luck! My husband is a great help too! that's why it works ! I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can!

  7. That is one good man! You are very lucky! I wonder if my fiance will nest when I get pregnant!?!? That would be awesome!


  8. Congrats on your upcoming baby. Looks like you have a fantastic partner:) I agree, an over-the-top beanie is a necessity.


  9. I like that big brother shirt. :)


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