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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Decorating our Christmas Tree

On Sunday night, before Chad had to go meet with a group to finish a school project, and after our family photo shoot, we decorated our Christmas tree! It was so darn fun, and now that Carter is a tad bit older, the process is both more exciting and a {teensy} bit more stressful {has anyone ever seen a toddler with a glass Santa Clause ornament?'s not pretty.} Anyway, there was lots of merry making going on, and I can't help but to feel  proud of my little family....all four of us :)

First of all, what's some family fun without a few tears? 
It's inevitable, just admit it. Good thing we got ours out of the way early on, freeing us up to enjoy the evening, sans toddler-fit.

Ahh, the joy!
{funny story: last year - our first year with a humongous tree - I had this vision of only donning my holiday homestead with gold and white perfection, know...we're sophisticated. So, once again, I ran out and spent a ton of cash on this and that, then decorated up the ying yang, only to take a step back and realize it was BOR-ING. Straight up dull. So I rushed out last second and bought a ton of red ornaments to liven things up, and seeing those red beauts just made me laugh....Ahh, there's always a first-time-blunder!.....or two...}

My Babe concentrating on the placement of his crystals! 
He had the most serious expression on his face, and was totally oblivious to me and our glorious camera.
Honestly, there are few things in this world that can melt hearts, but I think content toddlers just has to be one of them.

Daddy teaching Babe #1 how to hang the goods!
{and he was quite the eager student!}

Here was Carter's corner.
Nothing else existed except for the few branches that you see in front of his face.
There is a major concentration of those crystally ornaments, and that's just the way he likes it.
Man, the kid is growing up, and I don't think that sits well with me.
{Okay, it sits well  just a teensy bit...a TEENSY bit, because it's adorable!}

And what's a Christmas tree decorating session without some Yankee Candle?? 
Particularly a Christmas Cupcake Yankee Candle??
{And that other candle is the good ole' Baking With Santa....Ahh, I remember you and your scentlessness!}

Here's me trying to wrestle a proper picture out of the Little Man and I....not much success in that sector.
I don't think posed pictures are his thing....But at least I got a good picture of Babe #2!

Oh, the meaningful ornaments!
Here's one from 2009.

And one from our honeymoon when we visited Brugge.

A little love from our wedding!
{We got married in 2009, but had our big ole' shebang in 2010!}

Carter's ABSOLUTE favorite ornament of the year!
{Poooooh?? and horsieeee??}

Not bad, eh??
{Lean to the left and all!}
{No, no...Chadly has fixed that because he is amazing! Woohoo!}

And I sort of can't remember, but I'm pretty sure we named this one Herman....I will have to double check on that....Anyway, cheers to the holiday spirit running rampant!

And don't forget to link up what's going on in that SHOP of yours!
We're partying all the way until Monday, baby!

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!
and here!


  1. What great memories!! Your tree is beautiful, and you little boy is so cute! The red ornaments definitley add some color & looks great. Has anyone every told you you kinda look like Katherine Heigel? Thats a good thing, she is way pretty!
    Merry Christmas to your family!

  2. Haha! I thought we were the only weirdos who named our tree every year. Ours is Wilbur the Third (yeah, each year the tree gets the same name!). Looks beautiful!

  3. yay!!! Love your tree! And how cute is your bump!

  4. You named your tree?! awesome! haha. Christmas cupcake candle sounds awesome...

  5. LOVE it...and what a cute pregnant belly! What precious memories you are creating. PS...I love that you name your tree;)

  6. Beautiful tree! Ours is crooked too... :)

  7. This is a beautiful post and blog you have here. I have just found your lovely blog through another hop I'm now following you hope you visit me and follow back so nice to find new friends to catch up with. Have a great day.

    always Wendy

  8. Great pictures!! Your family is adorable!

  9. Awww… Your family is so cute!! I love these pictures! :) Wish we lived closer, I think we'd have a lot of fun! :)


  10. those are really sweet pictures, that one with your boy sitting on the floor touching the tree is a framer! the lights look so pretty!

  11. Great and well done ideas i find here.

  12. Your baby is adorable- so sweet to see him putting the ornaments on the tree! Thanks for linking up:)


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