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Thursday, December 1, 2011

{playing with our new toy}

For some reason unbeknownst to me, I feel like I should be sneaky about these here pictures.
Like they weren't really supposed to come out of the lens we recently received from the glorious UPS man, because clearly someone else should own the glorious camera which is currently on my bed keeping me company.
Don't ask me why.

{$1 ornaments from Target}

Maybe it's because I've been anticipating this little slice of heaven for a long time, and now it's finally here?
Much like when you bring home a new baby?
Okay, that comparison is completely unbalanced, but you know what I mean?
I just don't want to break this thing, sort of like how I felt when we brought Carter home from the hospital!
{another completely unbalanced analogy, but you get it.}

talk about feeling grateful!
{This electronic bundle of joy will be with us when we welcome Babe #2 into the world, while we are celebrating Carter's 2nd birthday, when we're hanging the ornaments on our tree, and even when the kiddos have snot running down their precious little faces. Yes, the Reb is a bona fide Cisneros, and we couldn't be happier to welcome her into our family.} 

Here is what she captured during her first trip around town {aka, Day 2 of her life}:
{Babe #1 enjoying A Bug's Life right before nap time}

{Paula Deen's peppermint bark Chad and I made last night} 


{Happiness hanging from our front door}


{Me pushing the Reb's limit's in the lighting/dirty mirror departments. She's a diva, and doesn't like it too much.}

{The model I'm raising.} 

{My Marie Claire's lined up pretty} 

{Me going over the top with the household photos} 

{This picture sort of defines why I wanted to get the camera in the first place...Look at the clarity!} 

{Mr. Hummingbird.}

{Babe #2's first outfit we have ever bought her...If she's a she.} 

{Ahh, the asymmetry!} 

{Some more foolin' around.}

So one things quite clear: I have a lot to learn in the realms of lighting and editing and whatnot, but hey! 
I'm happy with Reb, and all that Reb will bring us, so cyber cheers to all!

{and one more big thank you to everyone who pointed me in Reb's direction! Extra cheers to you!}
{and if you have no clue who Reb is, her full name is Canon Rebel T2i! Woohoo!}

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  1. Get the Canon 50mm 1.8 lens! you will love it! $100 and takes great photos - awesome for portraits and close ups! Set your aperture down to 1.8 and you will look like a pro in no time!

  2. February will be one year since I got mine...I remember that feeling all too well! Such an awesome moment when I took that very first picture! SO happy for you! Happy Capturing! Visiting via ETC!!!

  3. We have had a rebel for a few years now and I love it too! I did buy a fancy lens for it but other than that I don't do all the functions, just point and shoot. With just pointing and shooting, the photos are amazing and I feel like a professional. Enjoy, as I see you already are!

  4. I am so jealous!!!
    I want a good camera soooo bad BUT we are going to Disney this year so I'll just have to wait.
    These pics are fantastic :)

  5. welcome to the DSLR club! i felt exactly the same way! excited for you to be joining in the link party this week. and yes, he is definitely model material--so cute!

  6. what cute photos of your little guy! :)
    also this really makes me want a new camera.


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