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Friday, December 16, 2011

preparing for BABY: part 2

These last few days I've been on a roll! 
I don't think I've ever been on the move so much in my life, and here's why:
I'm trying to finish EVERYTHING on my baby/Christmas/life to-do list in the hopes that my body will realize that all is taken care of, and therefore will just naturally go into labor early.
{Plus, my doc is going to check to see if I'm dilated at all during my next appointment, so it's game time, man. With Carter I was at a big fat ZERO, even at 41 weeks, so this time, that's not happening!}

I've heard of women going into labor early once they hit a deadline a ton of times, so I'm giving it a shot.
I call it the
such dash involves:

- 1 hour walks every single day -
{albeit extremely slow ones due to the good ole' braxton hicks}

- stretching like a madwoman -
{Carter gets a kick out of this, and tries to copy my stealthy moves}

- drinking TONS of water -
{I know you're supposed to do this the whole time, but I've brought it to a whole new level}

- a nightly bubble bath -
{this was in the hopes that everything will just chill out down....there.....but now I just enjoy those things! Last night I clocked 45 minutes in the ole' tub! Now if only I could just enjoy a glass of wine at the same time...}

and that's just the "BODY: EVERYDAY" portion of the's the layout of the rest:
 {...And this picture is a few days old! Now there are scribbles everywhere, check marks - thank goodness - and a million more things added!}

 {Here's our then-empty bassinet! Now that thing is filled to the brim with FOLDED girl/unisex/boy clothes separated into 0-3 months, 6 months, 9-12 months!}

 {I've been finishing up a few crafts for the kiddo's room - even though Babe #2 will be in our room for the foreseeable future, it doesn't hurt to spruce up the tot's dwellings just a little bit!}

 {...And another craft!}

Other things that we've done in the last few days:
{FYI: my brain is slightly fried, and I'm thinking about the unwrapped Christmas presents in the back of my car, AND I'm thinking about my OTHER to-do list which involves Carter's immediate-family-only second birthday party...Sorry, kiddo, this year we're going small!}

- the Britax B-Ready is making it's way to our doorstep as we speak! -

- I'm 99% done with Christmas shopping which is quite the statement, considering it's the 16th! -

- I have chosen which color lulu wrap I want! -

- I did 9 loads of laundry the other day! -

Man, that was quite the unload.
Here are a few other things we've been up to lately:

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!


  1. HEre's to hoping that baby wants to make an appearance soon :) Man, all this pregnancy talk really makes me want another...hehe.

  2. That bassinet is beautiful!! Good luck!

  3. Yay baby!! Let me tell you, from experience, that the baby will come when you are NOT ready! LOL We had literally just moved in (like, moved furniture the day before...still weren't totally moved) when I went into full blown labor.

  4. Wow wow wow! Wish I could get all that done now without being oregon lol good job :)

  5. I love the bassinet. It's beautiful!

  6. Love all the cute crafts your doing! The bunting banner is my fav, I need to learn how to do that...soon! ha. Im so excited for you to have your baby, and that bassinet is beyond precious, even more precous when a baby is in there! You are amazing for getting so many things done, go you!!


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