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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Things I'm liking

The forever #1 on my list, along with Chadly and Babe #2, even when scowling:
{this is a child after my own heart: it doesn't look like he's shaping up to be a great morning person, just like his mama...Woohoo!}

Other things I fancy...
Now that's putting that rake thingy to good use! 

Ahh, heaven! 

That mirror is so pretty and SO easy. I need to do it asap.
....Eh, but maybe I should check a few other DIY's off the list first....

So cute, and SO GENIUS! Every guest from the babyshower had to bring one decorated letter for the nursery. Hello?? This is adorbs.

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  1. Awesome ideas!! I love the alphabet one!

  2. I love the alphabet idea too - Super cute!

  3. Oh man I might have to do that letter thing for my next kid and put them in the play room!!! :) Love that idea... so cute!

  4. The morning scowl just made me want another boy!! Too cute!!

  5. the letters in the nursery are just adorable! I love the colors! yay happy new follower!
    I was reading your about me page and saw that your from Orange County. Thats so cool. I'm from Hemet. Who would have known :)

  6. Great selection!
    I love that alphabet wall!

  7. That first picture is the cutest ever.

  8. Squee! I love the baby shower idea. That is so cute!

  9. Those letters are adorable!!! What a great Shower Idea!

  10. Haha, that look!! The alphabet wall is fantastic!


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