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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Small Business Tuesday!

YAY for Small Business Tuesday!
Last week was downright wonderful, and here are a few of my favorites! 

Okay, pre-Small Business Month in October, 
packaging = my biggest fear.
There were just so many options! Since then I sort of have figured it out, but LISH has basically conquered the packaging world. Seriously. Read this post, and then check out the rest of her blog.  

Ahh, yet another item that makes me want this baby to be a girl!
Look at how classic this beaut is!! It's got LITTLE LADY written all over it! 
Go check out Katie's blog, where you'll find the rest of her precious creations!

How I love ties! Seriously. I'm in love with ties. Isn't this cute for that little guy who prefers casual to uncomfortable? I think so.
The Two Sasters knows what's up.

Need I say more?
Clearly, Nicole from The Lovely Poppy knows what she's doing, and she makes me want everything in this picture. 

Dani from Me and My New Life says she's not a sewer, but I beg to differ.
Look at how much fun these are!! 
I'm thinking they totally beat my Target stockings by a long shot, and what's worse?
They were probably cheaper. WAY cheaper.

First of all, I have a weird obsession with those wire bust things, and second of all, those bib necklaces make me drool. Yeah, drool. I just love them!
Salena from A Little Piece of Me totally outdid herself at the recent craft fair she attended!

Okay, so this totally caught my attention because it's brilliant.
Kas Fitness is all about one mommy's journey back to her pre-baby body, so she was promoting the gift of fitness to your loved ones! Hello?? That's an awesome gift, because gym memberships and what have you are EX.PEN.SIVE. Trust me, I work in the industry. 
Anyway, check her out

Oh my gosh, it was so hard for me to pick a favorite picture from Underground Vintage's post!
Look at those beautiful paper wings!!
Anyway, I'm obsessed, and you will be too once you hop on over to Darby's site and see for yourself.
Go on now!

Okay, Carina from A Punk, A Pumpkin and a Peanut has the coolest story about her Etsy shop.
Let's just say that it has a little something to do with adoption and craft loving. 
And her blog is the cutest ever. Just saying. 

 Ahh, twirly skirts, how adorable they are!
I'm sure Maddie Mack's daughter gets a kick out of these precious creations from her mama! 
So cute!

Rustik Chic Designs embodies everything pretty and girly, and guess what? 
You can get 25% off EVERYTHING in her shop until December 18th!
Hello?? Get going over there!

I love small business day, I really do!

Okay, so link up your pretties from now until next Monday, and we will take a look at what your bad self has been up to next Tuesday!

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Small Business Day


  1. Thanks so much for featuring our tie shirt:)


  2. Thank you for putting me on your blog again!! It seriously makes my day so much better!!! You are wonderful! : )

  3. Thanks friend!! SO many fun shops:) Have a great week!

  4. Great and modern ideas!

  5. i love you little part of the www.


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