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Saturday, December 17, 2011

A few things on Christmas and Baby

So since this week has been packed to the max with baby goodness, my bod is slowly giving out because {lucky me!} that's how it always goes. But here are a few things on my mind regarding our close proximity to Christmas and the kiddos.

Going to my parent's house ALWAYS relaxes me. Today I took a little drive down South to pick up a few things for Cart's mini birthday celebration tomorrow, and I almost fell asleep at the dining room table because my dad drugged me with his delicious hot tea. Only at your parent's house can this happen. Had I of ventured into the living room and sat on one of their plush, white couches, I would truly have been a goner. It also helps that they totally take over childcare duties every time we visit. Ahh, parentals, there's nothing like them!

Wrapping presents for Christmas is such a joy. For some odd reason I was procrastinating on this "chore," but now I have no clue why I was doing so. Maybe in past years my wrapping paper was horrendous, unlike this year {pictures definitely to come}?? Who knows. But anyway, the happy colors and pretty pretty garland gracing our nonexistent mantle makes the whole process just downright heavenly!

Today is the last day of Chad's 6 day work week, one where he had to stay LATE every night as well. You know, I'm not a fan of these sorts of weeks, but hey, what can ya do? I'm proud of him for being such a badass, and I'm lucky that we don't have a complainer on our hands. Chad: you are awesome, and we can't wait to have you around for a WHOPPING 3 WEEKS coming up here soon! WOOHOOO!

Party City = Target.
You think you're going to get in and out without spending too much, but alas, EVERY SINGLE TRIP you end up shelling out WAY more cash than you thought necessary. And this year I thought I was going super super super cheap, since we're only going to be hanging around with a very small crowd, but of course, that was simply not the case! Sheesh kapeesh.

Can I please go into labor soon?

I just finished redecorating Carter's room last night, and let me tell YOU, standing on a kitchen chair which was placed in the middle of your son's CRIB while 9 months pregnant probably wasn't the SMARTEST thing to do, but hey! It all worked out well, and said decorating was one more thing I was able to cross off my master PRE-BABY TO DO list! Woohooo!

It's drizzling outside, and I love it!

Okay, that was fun!
Now I'm off to wrap the rest of the presents, clean the guest bathroom and wash my hair! 


  1. Wishing you well Nicole and a

  2. Great post my friend. . Sending you special wishes for a very Merry Christmas and look forward to keeping in touch in 2012.

    Always Wendy

  3. Just came across your blog and enjoying reading! You are a busy girl! Your list reminds me A LOT of myself! LOVE your blog!

  4. Adorable family pic! Just discovered your blog...really cute! :)


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