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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


A few weeks ago, while feeling balloonish, I took a seat on the ole' couch during nap time and started meandering through a few channels, and what did I find?
Of course, I've seen a few minutes of this show here and there before, but the family being featured on that day totally drew me in {two sets of twins, one 4-year-old pair and one 2-year-old pair....can you say stretched to the limits??}. Anyway, Carter woke up before I was able to finish the show, so I recorded the rest of the episode for later on that night.

Well, instead of just recording the remainder of that one episode, I accidentally recorded the entire season!
and guess what?
I'm totally into it. 
It's so good! 
Jo knows, man, she just knows.

So now that I have 10+ Supernanny's recorded, only 4 of which I have actually viewed, I'm going to paraphrase what I've learned so far, because gosh darnit, it's the same in every household!
Okay, here goes:
If you don't maintain a schedule, your children transform into rabid animals.
Now don't kill me if you're not a "schedule" person, but holy moly! These kids! They're nuts when they don't know what to do with themselves! And here's the cool part: your schedule CAN include little NO-NO's like a good half an hour to forty-five minutes of TV time, or a full glass of juice, AS LONG AS IT'S IN THE SCHEDULE! 
{Thank goodness my sister was a schedule freak with her little one, therefore teaching us the importance of said discipline, because without a strict regimen, where would we be?? Probably pulling  permanent markers out of Carter's hand while he draws a self-portrait on one of our walls! That actually happened on an episode!}

If your husband is not on your same page, then take him out back and skin him alive.
Some of these husbands. Ridiculous! One husband couldn't even tell which one of his twins was "Bob," and which one was "Joe!" How can you not tell apart your own children??!! If Chad had to ask me which of his offspring was which, I think I would just stare at him blankly for a half an hour and then tell him that I will be at the spa while you get to know your own children! Holy moly! And some of them are so mean! It's like, HELLO, YOU FOOL! YOUR WIFE NEEDS SOME HELP, SO GET OFF YOUR SORRY REAR END AND DO THE DISHES WHILE SHE WRESTLES WITH YOUR THREE-YEAR-OLD! Cave men, most of them. Anyway, some of them have work situations that can't be helped, and that's a bummer, but in the mean time, they just need to buck up. Moral of the story: Daddy's need to embrace their daddy role! 
{Chad: We love you. That's all I need to say!}

Who said it was okay for a four-year-old to tell you what you're making for dinner?? I get the occasional, "Mommy, can we please have macaroni and cheese for dinner tonight?" but to be held hostage by your own biological creation??!! NO! Now I know these moms are just downright sick and tired of arguing, so they give in, but where's the firm voice?? Where's the, "No, we are not having candy for dinner tonight??" Where's the, "I slaved in this kitchen for the last two hours, so you WILL eat what I put in front of you??!" Holy moly! YOU ARE THE ADULT AND THEY ARE THE ONE WHO NEEDS TO BE LED! For heavens sakes!
{I'll admit, every once in awhile I'll go slack in the firm voice department, usually because I'm exhausted, but then I'll sit there and think to myself, "Did my toddler just dictate what we are doing here?" at which point I'll reevaluate the situation, but man! These poor moms on this show! Sheesh kapeesh!}
Okay, that was sort of nuts.
Anyway, Supernanny has gotten under my skin, and I'm glad to say that she has!

{and can I just brag for a second?? Chad and I have been doing the "naughty spot" for the last few months. We are so cool and hip!}
{Jo would be proud of us!}

Okay, I'm done!

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  1. My kids are very scheduled kids. It makes it so hard during the holidays, because my in-laws kiddos are not. they stay up til 10, 11 at night, so they do everything so much later. I cannot tell you how many events we have to leave before they eat dinner, or desert because my kids have to be in bed, or like you said, become rabid monsters!
    (+1 for me!! Thanks supernanny!)

  2. I love it, great post. It's all so true! I'm so slacking, AND I went to nanny school!
    I better get back at it, get my schedules ready, and get my life organized. Sheesh kapeesh haha

  3. You are a hooooot!

    Hahaha I love JO TOO!!!! Supernanny rules!


    A) that was a hilarious read!
    B) those pics of carter are TO DIE FOR!! I mean could the kid be any dang cuter?

    C)I love you

  5. I love Supernanny and the pictures of Carter are adorable!

  6. Your son is super cute <3
    I used to watch that show and growing up in a home were discipline was of most important I really loved it. I don't have kids, but I have a little brother and sister that I scold at like my mother used to do when I was younger. I also can't stand when parents don't teach their kids to respect grown ups or they don't have manners etc... Great posts!

  7. ive never seen it but this made me want to watch it! i love the part about that you would tell your husband you would be at the spa while he got to know his children! hahah! sounds like some good and entertaining stuff!


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