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Monday, December 12, 2011

Is there anything sweeter

than to see your toddler giggle at the design of a lunch you thoroughly enjoyed preparing, because he completely understands it's silliness?
Nothing that I can think of....Nope, nothing.

Ay yi yi, the kiddo is gettin' up there. He is almost a full grown man!
Okay, no, but that's what it feels like.
{two years old is the new twenty, right??}

I wish I could still eighth-up his sandwiches and cut his grapes in half when he's 16, but alas, that will be deemed uncool, and therefore not an option.
Ahh, these years are wonderful.
How I love them!

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  1. It is fun how my girls get so excited when I cook. My 6 yr old is like ooooo mommy you are a great cook! I love this food you made! Nothing big, probably just heated up something from the freezer but hey, they get excited about the weirdest things. I love when they enjoy the presentation of my food. :)

  2. Oh that lunch looks awesome. Having a 2 year old is so fun. I think I would still cut up the grapes when mines 16, cool or not, ;)


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