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Monday, December 12, 2011

In this house, we do breakfast right.

Breakfast, in my home, is an event when Chad has the day off.

Not because he particularly likes the meal, but because it's my thing.
I simply love to have humongous breakfast's with my family.

My scrambled eggs are to Chad's Italian white sauces.
My croissants are to Chad's brilliant tacos.
My tomatoes-with-salt-and-pepper are to Chad's jalepeno-topped-everything.
I am breakfast, and he is dinner.

And this little one,
 is everything in between. 
{yes, yes he is!}

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  1. OMG I am so hungry now!! That plate of food looks so good and your little guy is the cutest! No baby yet huh? Every week, I wait for Tuesdays and hope you don't go into labor yet cause I don't want to miss it! lol.

  2. Mmmm bacon! Now I'm hungry for a big breakfast lol

  3. What is it about greasy bacon that is just so freaking amazing? yay for breakfast!!

  4. OK, now I'm starving!! :-) Happy Monday!

  5. little cutie eating bacon! love his cup too


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