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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

Inspired by The Daybook

So I have a new obsession. 
Her name is Sydney, and her style is awesome.
She is pregnant, and that is awesome.
She also took that incredibly awkward picture of herself, and that, too, is awesome.
So I'm following suit.
Let's get rollin', shall we?

{No need to be nice. That's an awkward face I'm making. I look like a cougar out to harm young men at a bar. Sheesh!}

* Waving to the creepy man in our apartment complex who owns two {TWO!} humongous cars, and two motorcycles. Why? Why do you live in an apartment complex if you own such frivolities? without fail he waves to us as he is waxing his F-350, and in order to preserve our safety, {because who knows what this creep-o is capable of} I wave back enthusiastically. I know, I know, it sounds mean, but it's creepy. And he has a "lady friend," which equally creeps me out.

* Me asking Chad "what's wrong" multiple times because he was just sitting on the couch unwinding from his day in silence. I was particularly wound up that night, due to those dandy things called hormones, and I could not chill out. After asking him for the 15,989th time, he looked at me and said with some considerable conviction, "Babe! Seriously, nothing is wrong, I'm just sitting here relaxing!" Okay, sheesh. Blame the hormones!

* Hearing from your local McDonald's drive-thru {no, I'm not grammatically challenged, that's just the way they spell it on those signs!} lady that she will "see you tomorrow!" Okay, I have a small problem. But to blatantly point it out like that? Not cool, Maria! {Yeah, I know her name, and she knows mine}.....You know what, though? McCafe's are a way of life for me! No shame!

* Practically clawing the iPad away from Chad the other night. I'm not kidding. The 'mones took over once again and told me that if I did not have access to that iPad within 30 seconds, then surely my heart would stop and the world would dismally end. He just looked at me in shock and then started laughing. I felt dumb, but then I started laughing. Eek.

* Trying on non-maternity shorts because they had an elastic waistband, and them still.not.fitting. I was embarrassed, even though I was alone in my dressing room. I did not tell Chad about that. Well, he knows now!

{Ahh, awesomeness. Just perfecto}

* Coming home to an immaculate house after working for a few hours. Yes, the day has come where Chad has adopted my cleaning style {i.e. throw everything unsightly in various closets}, and I couldn't be happier about it. Love that man.

* Carter saying "I love you" without my prompting him. What's even cuter is that he says it in this totally funky way, so funky to where if you weren't Chad or I, you would have no idea what the heck he just said. Love that cuddle bug.

* Feeling normal for a few weeks. Well, normal is a subjective term, but at least I haven't felt like dying due to exhaustion. I feel like I'm finally semi-back-to-normal in the "playing with Carter" realm, and that's awesome enough to last me all year.

* Almost hitting the 20 week mark with Babe #2. Bow chicka bow wow. Not only does that mean that I'm half way through the pregnancy, therefore that much closer to holding that little bundle of joy, but it also means I'm almost at 5 months. Obviously. To me that's a big deal! Hitting those milestones in pregnancy is just so exciting!

* Chad being Chad.

* Carter being Carter.

Ahh, that was wonderful.
Cheers to Sydney!


  1. What about the picture I received yesterday from that fabulous husband of yours? You know the're AWKWARD and AWESOME!

  2. Yah, sorry about the Both Ends Burning thing...totally normal

  3. The McDonald's thing is priceless. Really.

    And, congrats on nearing the half-way point!

  4. seriously!! Is it possible for you to get any cuter?!? I just love your posts/topics!! :)

  5. This post is so funny! I ask my husband what is wrong too when nothing is wrong, only he gets really annoyed with me! Sounds like your husband is still nice about it! And I don't have hormones to blame... just being a girl I guess!

    also wanted to tell you about a super cute necklace giveaway I am hosting today via the shine project-- check it out! (and I got your e-mail so I will be responding shortly!) The Shine Project Giveaway

  6. Those are all wonderful and hilarious. The McDonalds drive-thru had me laughing out loud.


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