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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Yesterday: Resident keeper of BEST HUSBAND.

Hey there, husband.
You are at work right now, heave-ho'in' like a maniac behind that desk of yours,
with that adorable picture of Carter behind you,
talking to person after person following the world's most insanely long day, which was, dare I even say it? 
Yesterday was just one of those days for you.
First of all, you woke up at the crack of dawn,
then you went to work for a million hours,
where you had the world's busiest day;
then you went to school for a million more hours,
where you discovered that your professor is a jack-butt;
then your pen exploded in your pocket, 
causing your keys to get all ink-like, along with the hand that you shoved in there
to figure out what the heck was going on;
then you thought you were going to be able to make it home by 10:15,
but you actually were not able to walk in the door until 11:45.
You bought yourself a little bit of fro-yo to take the edge off, 
and I think that helped. 
But bottom line was this:
you didn't even want to participate in our nightly ritual of Ding-Dong eating.
I know, I know, it's an unhealthy habit we have created as of late,
but it's our unhealthy habit, and you were too exhausted to partake.
It's okay, Babe #2 and I more than understood,
and you made up for it by feeling said Babe move for the first time.
You are a ridiculously hard worker, 
and for some odd reason you never get tired,
but yesterday was a tired day.
I love you because you never get tired,
since that's all I seem to be nowadays,
and I love you for having tired days like that every so often,
because it reminds me that you, too, are human and not Super Man,
which is what Carter definitely believes you to be.


P.S.- The TV is still not working in the living room, so.......


I love you, babe!


  1. What a sweet wifey you are to your hard working hubby. Love the TV bit! : )

  2. This is so great! Thank you for linking up and encouraging your hubby! They all need it!


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