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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Instafriday - Crafty Edition!

I'm linkin' up again at Life Rearranged
life rearranged
Are you ready for this?

Okay so this last week I've been sewing like a mad woman.
What's so awesome about this?
Well, prior to this week I had never sewn a stitch a day in my life.
I was one of those who thought such an activity looked boring and monotonous.
Why would one want to stair at a needle for hours on end and pull some stupid piece of fabric through a tiny little space?
It completely baffled me.

But NOW....
I'm apart of the sewing club! 
Granted I can only sew a straight line, but I've been doing good! I'm so darn excited!
Sewing is fun!
There. I said it.
And you know what?
Having a child to sew little handsome objects for helps a whole lot.
If I hadn't gotten the inkling to make my little munchkin a precious beyond all precious, toddler sized tie, who knows what I would have been up to this last week?!
Gambling? Drinking? Sex and rock and roll?!
I could have been heading to no-wheres-ville fast if it hadn't of been for that sewing machine.
Okay, okay, that's dramatic......
And Babe #2 would not be too happy about it.....

Anyway, I've decided that I want to show the good folks of the internet two of Carter's newest accessories.
They are different sizes, because I had no idea which size would work best, since the sewing guns only come out during nap time or post bed time.
Okay, here goes:
And I'm not trying to be overly obnoxious here, but I've grown so much since this precious little tie! I've gotten better, people. And I want to punch myself in the face for saying something so blunt like that, but I can't help it! 
It's true what those parents have been telling us for years:
Practice makes perfect.
{Look! I'm REALLY turning into my mother!}

.......And that's what's going on on the flip side.
{You want to know what's cool?! I've figured out how to not have to double stitch the seem! Tears of joy!}

One thing I've learned is this:
Choose your fabrics CAREFULLY!
My cheap-o eyes darted towards the "remnants" section, which I'm sure is awesome in most situations, because it brought me to that adorable blue-striped print.......
But holy moly is it hard to work with. 
It slips out of my hands too easily!
{Hence that wacko seem going all hay wire}
Anyway, I've learned my lesson, and I'm mucho happy about this whole sewing thing.

My second trip to Joann's to purchase more fabric {check out my Lovelies} brought me to one of the most glorious things in crafty-land:
One of the sales clerks.
Yep, she was just cutting my fabric and we got to talkin', see??
She started sliding me over these pattern type things, all sly-like, see, and I was gettin' all riled up.
She started sayin' wild things like, "hey, I sneak a peek at Anthropologie's monthly catalogue, then I buy myself the patterns and make them myself, ya dig?"
And I dug.
I said, "Holy moly, you mean to tell me you MAKE clothing resembling things from Anthropologie for about the same price as these fabrics I'm about to pay for?!"
And she said, "Well, yeah, toots, what's the big idea?! Didn't I just say that?!"
And I said, "Hmmmm....We may be on to something here, we may be on to somethin'......"

So then I wanted to make myself a skirt.
But I can't do such wild things because Babe #2 says,
"Mama, I'm not going to let you, because IM THE BOSS OF THIS HERE BODY for the next couple of months, and I say that won't work because your waist line is no where near the size you would want to make that there skirt you got floatin' around that ole' noggin of yours."
And then I said,
"Okay, baby, you're right. I will make me an Antho inspired skirt once I'm back to my old, kickin' self."

It will be quite the reward.


  1. Those ties are adorable! I'm still learning to sew in a straight line :) I'd love to make myself an Anthro skirt someday though :)

  2. the ties are sooo cute! Congrats on your new mad skills!

  3. okay I need to join a sewing club! haha it would help motivate me when I feel like I suck at it. p.s. your family and blog is adorable :)

  4. Way to go!! By the way, your writing style cracks me up!


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