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Monday, August 22, 2011

Mommy, let ME see....!

{Mommy, let ME see the camera!}

This age takes the cake.
It's so darn cute.
Of course there are the bad moments,
like when you take your precious toddler out to lunch with one of
your best lady friends and he refuses to sit in the high chair,
and then there's the generous use of the word,
"No!," accompanied by a vigorous head shake from side to side.....
but then there's the
Mommy, let ME see!
Mommy, bite?!
Mommy, and this? And this?
all with a little tiny finger pointing at a new item around the house,
in the car, or while taking a walk.
It's just precious.

{Okay, mom, I'm ready to go to church or Sunday brunch in my nifty outfit!}

 {Hello, I'm precious, and your name?}

Thanks, mom's-sewing-machine, for assisting me in the creation of that glorious tie! Words can not express how grateful I am to you for not poking some hideous hole in my finger, and showing me a good time all the while! You are truly a wonder, sewing-machine, and I think you may have opened some pandora's box of craftiness within the woman formerly known as Nicole Paplia {maiden name: representative of all things uncrafty}. 

Yours truly,
Nicole Cisneros

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  1. Soooo, cute! Love the tie... good job!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your little man's tie is really cute and I'm lovin' that striped fabric. I'm looking forward to the toddler years but I'm a little nervous too. P.S...Do you allow followers cause I'd love to follow you too :-)

  3. You did a great job on that tie! Super cute :)

  4. Cute cute tie, and cute cute boy! I have a little boy, too... he's two and I feel the exact same way. He is just too precious for words. (And a little maddening at the same time!)

  5. OMG! He is just too cute for words!! Fabulous job on the tie! I know what its like, I was the same way when I first got my sewing machine! Just wait, it gets better and better...have fun!! :)


  6. good work! sewing can be sew much fun! :)


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