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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Extra wide

Now that I've got your attention
....with some off-colored humor, might I add. You sicko's....
{My mom pinning a piece from my sister's wedding dress to the tulle on mine}

Can we just appreciate how humongous this picture is?
It's huge!
And so wide!
{The Office?.....Eh? Eh? "That's what she said?".....Maybe?....Chad would laugh....}
I'm trying to ignore the fact that it's taken me too long to figure out how to widen the columns on this here blog. Yeah, that's right, I'm not ashamed! 
I'm tech-challenged and embracing it!
In all honesty though, this is a big deal.
Now I can post pictures without bumming myself out because they won't come out so tiny and fuzzy.
I can scourge my outrageously unorganized Picture-folder-thingy {oy....} with joy because I know that Babe #1, soon-to-be Babe #2 and wonderful family members will be represented in all their glory.
It's mui importante. 

So in the spirit of celebrating one more step towards tech-savvy-ness,
{One small step for Nicole, one giant leap for Nicole-kind}
I indulged myself with a few more photos.....
{Carter, six weeks old}


{Our whitey-white shoes at the beginning of our honeymoon}

{The dream team}

Glorious, I say, glorious!


  1. How cute is he!?? Look at his adorable shirt!!

  2. the wedding pictures are gorgeous!! you were the most beautiful bride! and your mom and sister are gorgeous too.

    congrats on the big pics!!! :) i know where you're coming from. i'm so computer iliterate at times that i'm like "oh yeah!!" when i finally figure somthing out.

  3. Link parties are so much fun!!! I figured them out because of your blog!!! I'm learning so much from! How did you make your pictures bigger? Tutorials up next from you?? :)

  4. LOL! You are beautiful, tech-challenged, and FUNNY!!!


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