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Saturday, August 6, 2011


My life is one big fat need-for-a-project cycle.

This is how it always goes:
*Nicole has project going on at current moment.
*Nicole feels invigorated for a few weeks.
*Project starts sucking the life out of her.
*Project eventually comes to an end.
*Nicole is very happy when it does.
*Nicole spends one week feeling good and accomplished.
*More weeks pass, Nicole is content and feels normal.
*Then one-week-long lull strikes.
*Nicole does not know what's going on.
*Nicole realizes she needs new project.
*A project that will consume her.
*A project that will overwhelm her.
*A project that will make her cry and berate herself for taking on such a thing
while caring for Babe #1 and incubating Babe #2.
*Nicole finds new project anyway, because that's what she does.
*Nicole feels invigorated for a few weeks......

Proof of cycle? Easy! Almost a year ago, while tying up loose ends with the ole' undergrad, I decided that I needed a new project, so I went out there and got myself a one-day-per week job. {I now work two days per week, but at the time, that's what worked with our schedule}. At first I was patting myself on the back for nailing such a deal, and then I turned into a big, emotional, crying mess because I was so overwhelmed with learning all the ins-and-outs while juggling my remaining few classes and keeping our home life balanced!
It was nuts!

Anyway, after I felt like I had everything under control at work a few months later, it was time for a new project once again.
Hello, Babe #2!
{Which, along with Babe #1, has been the best "project" to date}
{Honestly, having kids is great for many reasons, one of which being that it gives me a twenty-year-long project. Doesn't that sound weird? It's true though!}

I know my next project will make it to my heart sooner rather than later. That's how it always is. I send out vibes that I'm looking for something, and God shoots challenges over my way. It always works out perfectly.
{Although it would be nice if we could just skip the whole "crying" and "berating myself" portion of the process}
{It would also be convenient if I was a crafty woman, that way all I would have to do is whip out the ole' glue gun and be satisfied, but alas, I am not, and that's just the way it goes!}

Ahhh.... To be crafty, content with even the most simple of needle work.....

Instead, I put myself through projects which results in my looking more like this......


  1. I hear ya! It's a viscous cycle that leaves us all looking just like that cat :)

  2. I am also not crafty. Sigh. However, I totally agree with you about kids being a great project. :)

  3. i can relate to the whole 'project' thing! it seems i always have 10 things going on, and am always starting more projects before finishing others. ah well. :)

    btw, you work 2 days/ week?? what kind of work do you do??


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