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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

Oh, Awkward and Awesome!
How I love you!
How you make me laugh!
How you make me smile like a darn fool when I write you!
It's really quite wonderful, you know.

* A client telling me at work that I was so skinny, but now I'm HUGE! {"I mean, you know, huge a good way...."}

* Me merging from lane to lane while on the freeway. Awful, just awful. Usually I'm a cautious beyond all cautious merger, and I thought I was following suit like normal from the carpool lane, but I kid you not, each lane I merged into someone could have died. I was embarrassed while sitting in the comfort of my own car, it was that bad. I kept shouting SORRY and waving my hands in the air like a hooligan.

* Carter kicking his Grandma Cheryl. I tried to scold, but it's just one of those things you don't want your kid to do to someone you're supposed to be showing how great of a discipline-er you are. Make sense?

* Changing a diaper in a restroom without one of those baby changing stations. Yeah, the bad kind of diaper. It calls for creativity. Sheesh.

* Having to test my weekly Wednesday Starbucks drink before leaving the place because they replaced the whole team and they are all horrible drink makers. {Starbucks = Wednesdays, McCafe's = Thursday-Tuesday. Important.} They all seriously suck. I know, that's incredibly mean to say, but it's not cool. Where has my old team gone? Where are my expert baristas? Where has my girl with her impeccable memory run off to? Where?!

* Witnessing a twenties-something man botch his bike push-off. You know what I mean? As in when someone places their foot on the peddle, then pushes themselves off the pavement and starts peddling? This guy really botched it. Chad and I were both chuckling because we felt bad bursting into actual laughter. We really felt for the guy! I swear! {But it was really funny at the same time......he he he he haw haw haw haw ho ho ho ho}

{It's so awkward, it hurts my eyes to look. Why did this have to be awkward? Why?! We looked so snazzy!}

* Hearing from your husband that his classes have so far gone swimmingly. For his Tuesday night class he thought he would enter through a tiki-torchlight-trimmed door to the beat of Jumangi drums and people chanting "OOO-weeee-OOO, OOO-weeee-OOO....." Luckily, he left with a smile on his face and no tribal tattoos.

* Being done with school. {Sorry, hubby, I had to put it in there!}

* Carter's sweet sounding "No! No!" It doesn't sound like something which would be in the "awesome" category, but trust me, if you heard the upward cadence of that tiny little word, you would think it was awesome too. {Now I just have to cross my fingers that he doesn't use it against me. Eek.}

* Chad having BOTH Saturday AND Sunday off this week, AND the fact that we have NO plans on either day. Wow. Truly unheard of.

* Hearing that my cool cousin family is moving out here to join us in the OC. Bow chicka bow wow. 

* Remembering {just now} that I have a $50 TJ Maxx gift card sitting in my purse. Yeah, that's awesome.

{Um, I'm ready for this awesomeness to begin.}


  1. I loooove finding giftcards in my wallet that I forgot I had...especially TJ Maxx :) have fun spending that!

  2. Love the duck tape picture (I think that is what you two are wearing at least) :) How fun was that!?! And remembering the $50.00 gift card, AWESOME!!! Have fun with that!!

  3. and I meant to write 'duct', not duck!!


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