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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What on earth.....?

Yesterday morning I experienced one of those ridiculously thoughtless
moments which resulted in me laughing hysterically and almost
looking like a psycho because I was just
sitting in the front seat of my parked car while doing so.
It may even qualify as a moment-o-the-blondes.

So what happened was I scooped Carter up to head down to the car
on my way to getting my daily McCafe, and on the way down the stairs
to the ole' parking lot, we quickly chit-chatted with one of our
neighbors about kids and whatnot, with Carter actively engaged
in our conversation {proud mama}. Anyway, I said good-bye and proceeded towards my car.
I pulled out the keys like any regular person would do, unlocked the car,
swung open the driver's seat door, and
Just like a purse!
What was I doing?!
What on earth was going through my head!

Oh my gosh, I thought, What the hell?
And then the giggles came.
I was laughing at the top of my lungs because he gave me this look like,
Uh, mom, what the heck are you doing?
{I wish the photo quality was better, but I had to act fast!}

And then he realized how potentially awesome this could be, 
and started playing with all the gadgets of the car.

It was one of those moments that blew my mind. What was going on in my head?! 

Finally, I uncurled his little fingers from the steering wheel and 
placed him in his car seat.
He was not too happy about it......

Oh, man. It was hilarious. Just that moment had me randomly
bursting into laughter throughout the day, and when I told Chad
about it later that night, I could barely get the words out.
Just hilarious.

{I think God makes little moments like those to snap us back into the present and make us realize how incredibly sweet it is to watch over these little ones. So funny, and so thankful.}

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  1. Haha... I love moments like that!!

  2. Poor kid! It was probably like trying candy for the first time and then having it taken away. lol. So cute though.

  3. Those hysterical moments are so fun!

  4. that is funny.....its like when you are driving and you get home but you dont really remember driving...i do that all the time!

  5. ok, that is sooo funny! The other night I screwed a bottle top onto a gallon of milk instead of on the bottle. What?! yeah, laughed for a few minutes on that one!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. This made me laugh b/c I have a 4 year old and 2 year old is in a booster seat the other in an infant seat...I have soooooooo put my 2 year old in the wrong car seat while my 4 years stands there saying " is the wrong seat."


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