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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dating days vs. nowadays

{Caution: May or may not contain mushy material}
Ahh, the dating days.
{1. Sorority formal, 2. Sea World, 3. Relaxing night, 4. Our softball league}


Dating truly is a joy. To be able to walk out of the house without
worrying about whether or not you have the appropriate
amount of diapers? What's that? To slam doors at 6:30 am while
getting ready for work without waking a sleeping baby? Who? Where?
To eat sushi last second, to jet-set off to the Bahamas,
to have that fruity cocktail with no obligations the next morning?
Unheard of! 
That was us. We were awesome. We were beyond awesome.
We were night owls. We were enjoyers-o-beer. 
We were perpetually Vegas bound.
We were...We were...We were....

And you know what?
We were never this happy.
{1. Friend Jenna's wedding, 2. Bath time, 3. Babe's 1st Halloween, 4. USC game}

We never had the impulse to check on a sleeping baby before 
lights-out. We never had to worry about ear drops, boo boos, 
balanced meals....We never had to worry about anything, really.
And I don't want that back.
I will never want that back.

Nowadays we walk slower because Carter is exploring the leaves.
Nowadays we say, "Hi, Carter" automatically while on the phone
because we know he's listening in.
Nowadays we pause the TV when we hear the slightest noise
from bedroom #2. 
Nowadays I can't get through a Disneyland fireworks show without
thinking about how much our little man would love to be there.

I would say that nowadays trumps dating days any old day.
{Although a little more sushi in my life wouldn't hurt}
{And maybe that fruity cocktail every now and then.....}



  1. YES!!! This post is sooooo lovely!

  2. AWWW so cute! love the photo from my wedding!!!

  3. I really like this post. So so true!!

  4. You guys are too cute. And I hear ya on the pre-baby days. You have such a beautiful family. Seriously. : )

  5. LOVE this. i totally agree. i think about our dating days and for just a second it's like, "aw..." but i SO love married life with kids way more. wouldn't trade it for anything!!

  6. I LOVE this!!! Your words made my heart flutter! Dating is such a joy, but parenthood cannot be compared to ANYTHING! Your family is beautiful, and you seem truly happy. Hugs!!

  7. You have the best personality - I really enjoy reading all of your blog entries!

  8. As a gal slated for babies this fall (that is, to begin trying for them) I really appreciated this. It's good to have some reassurance every time I worry that I'll never get to have a cocktail out on a whim again...

  9. Love this post ... growing up can be a beautiful thing :)

    ♥ Cat brideblu

  10. I just cliked on a link and another link (then maybe another?) and somehow ended up here.. definitely subscribing.. this post really spoke to me.. we are currently in the pre-marriage, pre-baby way and I'm so sick of it.. I can't wait until I have my own little bundle of joy and just know it's going to make us that much happier.. beautiful post!!


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