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Friday, August 5, 2011

Student loans and a few other randoms

My men are having man time right now in the living room, so I decided to sneak away for a little me time on the ole' com-pu-tar...

On the twenty minute drive home from my parents' house, I got to thinkin'....

*Student loans are no fun to decipher. Today my mama and I got down to business and started really figuring out the crazy web that is government loan-age, and I have to say, no bueno. Why wasn't anyone tapping me on the shoulder while I was meeting Chad at the fraternity house to say that I should instead be working my butt off at that very moment in order to avoid paying back those things? Oh, to be young!

*I have a love/hate relationship with Living Social. Every morning I wake up to all these awesome offers, but for outrageous things. The other day I got one talking about how a few nights in Hawaii will only cost me $300 for four people. Hmm....tempting, but no. Thanks for opening my eyes to such a wonderful deal, and one day I will click on "purchase," but as of right now, don't tease me!

*We got our new Netflix in tonight! Woohooo for a new movie! {Tonight was Chad's pick, so we'll see what has shown up for us.....}

*I haven't tried out pinterest yet, but I hear it's amazing. I'm just scared I'll be sucked in to yet another addicting website......{has anyone ever heard of}. Anyway, I'm sure I'll hop on the ole' bandwagon, but as of right now, I'll just see what all my bloggers put up on their posts :)

*I love when my men have their man time. It's so gosh darn cute. The only thing I hear from the living room is a bunch of giggles. Happy, happy, happy.

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