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Friday, August 12, 2011

Blog Swap: A Day in the Life of a Neurotic Nurse

Yay for another blog swap!
This time the adorable Casey from Stress Case and I have switched places,
so you can find me HERE today, so come on over and say hello!
Leave lots of love, and enjoy a "Day in the Life" from Casey! !


Hello fans of the adorable Cisneros Family!  I'm Casey, and my little corner of blogland is right over here at Stress Case.

Nicole and I went to high school together, and it has been so fun catching up on her life with her sweet little family through her blog!  When she asked me if I was interested in doing a blog swap, I didn't even need a chance to think about it!  We thought it might be fun to do "A Day in the Life" posts, due especially to the fact that Nicole and I are the same age, graduated high school the same year, but lead very different lives (what with her being a well-adjusted mother of two [almost!], and me being a never-ending student and all around Stress Case).

So, friends of Nicole, join me!  This is A Day in the Life of a Neurotic Nurse:

The day officially starts when I half-consciously get a kiss from my Handsome Husband as he leaves for work around 7:15am.

My (first of four programmed on my phone daily) alarm goes off at 7:30 today,
so naturally I roll out of bed around 8:15.

This is the sight my Handsome Husband is lucky enough to wake up to every morning - lucky guy, that one.

About the only thing I put on before I leave the house.

By 8:30 sharp 8:45, I am out the door, makeup bag in hand.
Being that sleep is more important than safe driving, I do my makeup (and also sometimes eat breakfast) in the car.
Today, though, no breakfast.  We're out of breakfast bars, and I'm out of time for anything else.
I narrowly make it to work by 9:00.

Due to confidentiality laws, I can't really share any photos from work.
Okay, fine I'll share one:

Yep, our exam rooms have ocean's the least we can do for torturing children all day long.

An average morning at work goes a little something like this:

Prepare exam rooms (clean, put paper on the exam tables, plug all equipment in)
Room a patient.
Room a patient.

Realize I forgot my watch, and have to ask Nurse So Crafty if I can borrow hers.  Then spend all day not being able to tell the time because there are no real numbers and only 4 little markers on the whole watch :(

Dip some urine.
Room a patient.
Give a shot.

Bathroom break where I realize my beautifully braided hair is already a mess due to running around all morning.

Give 2 shots.
Blood sample.

Around 1:00pm, I get to take a little charting break and I am off to lunch!
Today (like most days to be honest, I am not great at brining my lunch), I treat myself to a little overpriced neighborhood market sushi.

The ridonculously overpriced Gelson's Market.

Lunch of champions.

The second half of the day goes much like the first, in that I am constantly running from room to room, torturing children with vaccinations, spending too much time close to urine, and having way too many sick children cough on me when trying to swab their throats.

Today is a long day at work, and I don't head home until after 6:00.

Clock some play time with Diego, our little kitty.

Costume change...Handsome Husband would gladly confirm that my laundry basket is most often the floor.  The laundry fairy (that Handsome Hubs of mine) seems to come in at night and pick all the clothes up!

Tonight, I am running with Cousin Tutor Girl, and need to change into my workout gear.

Do you know of a contest for most hideous workout clothes?  I would win.  Hands.  Down.
Here I am sporting a ripped shirt from a musical I wasn't even in from 8th grade, and shorts that say "Got Sand?" that are not even made for running.

I do, however, have these little beauts on my feeties.  I'll be posting about these guys in the coming days over at Stress Case, because there is a small little homage to the ol' blog.

Tutor Girl meets me at the park for our 3-mile run/walk with her sweet son, Lil C, who joins us via stroller.
We start running a bit after 7:00 and usually finish in less than 45 minutes.

We run the Mission Viejo Lake - we live in such a beautiful place.

12 minute mile aint bad for a lady with a stroller...not sure what my excuse is.

After the run, I head home for a healthy dinner.

A natural choice for after fitness.

At 8:30, it's time to hit the books.
Might be summer for some, but I always take online courses in the summer to stay focused.

Reading all about myself.

Okay, this chapter doesn't quite relate to me.

After about an hour and a half, I take a quick shower at 10:00.
After that, I decide that Chef Boyardee didn't quite hit the spot, and I need another little healthy snack.

My best friends.

I hit the couch and search the DVR for some good educational TV, but FIRST,

gotta put some glasses on cause homegirl can't see the teev from all the way across the room without them.

Quality television at it's finest.

My eyes are starting to get heavy, but my smile gets huge when this guy finally walks in the door at 10:30.

My Handsome Hubby takes an LSAT prep course 2 days a week, and is gone for so long on those days! Happy to see my man come home from his long day of work!

Handsome Hub gets something to eat, while I do some quick FB stalking and updating.

Finally, at 11:15pm, Handsome Husband and I retire to our bed with a little bit of this awesome show to accompany us:

MAD MEN - if you don't watch this show, you don't know what you're missing!

And the day ends the very same way it started,
feeling warm, safe, and loved in bed with my Handsome Husband.
Isn't that the very best part of being married?!

Thank you for sharing you blog with me, Nicole, and I hope you readers enjoyed my slightly hectic, and completely all over the place Day in the Life.  Come by and read my ramblings on my silly little blog sometime!

Stress Case


Oh, Casey! You are so cute!
I hope y'all enjoyed a "Day in the Life" with Casey,
I know I did!
Thanks, Casey!


  1. I love your blog! =) Newest follower

    Check mine out

  2. Haha this was awesome, she kept making me laugh ! Also, I agree Mad Men = AMAZINGNESS


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