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Monday, August 8, 2011

Carter: Resistance Artist

My little man.
Happy as happy can be.
Smiley as smiley can get.
Mischievous as mischievous can become.
Wait, what?

Yeah, that's right, every once in awhile, {well, increasingly so}, my little bundle-o-joy turns into
{Anyone? Anyone? I don't blame you if you can't name that movie, it wasn't all that great, but he was an awesome character played by none other than that scary Nazi from Inglorious Bastards, which was}

Anyway, I've noticed that Carter resorts to one of three acts of resistance when in little-boy-trouble, all three of which make me want to laugh because they are so dang cute, but since I can't do that in discipline-mommy-mode, I will just giggle about them on this here blogular, because after all, isn't that what these babies are for? 
Laughing about life's moments when it's inappropriate to do so in the actual situation? 
I think so!

Here's are my Babe's resistance techniques:
* Going limp. Yep, you read that right. He goes completely limp from head to toe. This usually only happens whenever I catch him in some precarious position, and I grab his hand to maneuver him out of said situation. First he'll give my hand a little tug with all of his body, and then once that doesn't work, he'll simply unlock his knees, drop his head backwards, and hang from my grip. The first few times I thought his arm was going rip out of it's socket, he had committed to the limpness with such vigor, but now I just go ahead and drag. Yeah, I drag. Doesn't that sound awful? It's either I drag or I lift. Both of which sound weird, but you know what? It's better than leaving him in our shower with all the lights off and the door shut, which has become his new favorite hang out. 

* The ole' deflecting technique. Every once in awhile, Carter will be playing with his toys on the living room table, while I'm scurrying around doing whatever needs to be done. Then all of a sudden, he will throw one of his toys clear across the room. Not in a I'm-so-angry sort of way necessarily, but still, a throw is a throw, and since that's not going to fly in these parts, I turn on my disciplinary voice {which for some reason is low and manly sounding}, and say something like, "Carter, no throwing! You know better than that!"......And then the deflector comes out to play. He looks at me, knowing that he may possibly be in trouble, and starts pointing to other objects around the room while saying, "And this?" "And this?" wanting me to name off all the objects he's pointing at! I always name off everything because I know he just has a ravenous thirst for education {maybe? maybe?}, but isn't that a nifty little trick of his! He completely deflects from the throwing situation! Smart, those toddlers are, smart, I say!

* Bambi eyes. The oldest in the book. If he actually does something devious enough to earn himself a whopping ten seconds in time-out, he whips out the Bambi eyes. After I walk him on over to the corner, he looks up at me with those big, beautiful, bashful-at-all-the-right-moments hazels. Every single time it makes me want to melt. Ay yi yi...... 

Oh, the catch-22's of disciplining those tricky little toddlers!
So hilarious, yet so heart-wrenching-ly adorable!

Aww.....How could you not laugh?!

Link up, baby!

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