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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

To Toddle and Teach

Carter, I've realized, is a walking, eating, breathing, functioning, 19-month-old 
blog-like tutorial.
He does everything in chronological order 
{albeit, whatever order he has come up with at any given moment},
Step by step,
With fierce, undeterred focus.

He really can teach you a thing or two. 

Here's just one of his many daily tutorials entitled,
How to fix a printer.

Step 1: Put on a hat that is too small for you. It is quite necessary, as this hat sets the serious tone for printer-maintenance-work. Obviously.

Step 2: Fiddle with the paper that was neatly stacked in said printer. Without this step, one faces the uncertainty of maintenance success. Very important.

Step 3: Open scanner portion of printer, and sit down. This will give maintenance worker optimum visibility of printer insides. If you skip this step, you might as well just quit now.

Step 4: Leave paper askew, scanner open, lie down on the floor near printer, and look adorable. This being the most substantial step in printer-maintenance process, it is quite eminent to the success of said work. Smiling largely so that your mom can take a picture is also a part of this step. 

{Thanks, Instagram, for always being there for me!}
Good luck to you and yours on your impending printer-maintenance-fix-up session!

Oh! And as a special bonus feature, here's an additional tutorial, straight from Carter to you, entitled,
{You lucky dog, you!}
How to show your daddy cool fishies at the aquarium.

Step 5: Walk up to large aquarium, hopefully with daddy following you, but if not, who cares! You are independent, and that's all that matters!

 Step 6: Indicate to said daddy that you would like to be placed on the ledge in order to achieve a more advantageous viewing point of fishies. Without this step, you are doomed, so stop while you're ahead.

Step 7: Point to cool fishies, and say in your loudest squeal, "AND THIS???!" Daddy should inform you of fishies origin and name, but if not, to heck with him! Remember, you're independent!

Step 8: Look intrigued and interested with raised eyebrows at all times. Failure to do so will detract from your cute-o-meter, and that would be a tragedy. You go, cool fishie guide!

{Thanks, again, iPhone!}
Just by following these simple steps, one should achieve optimum fishie-viewing-experience, and combined with Steps 1-4, has the potential of creating quite a knowledgeable and interesting day of tutorials.

{And just for kicks, because this is the ultimate cutie-patootie photo}
Hi, I just died of adorable-overload. Ay yi yi. So.Dang.Cute.


  1. bahaha too cute - he has such personality

  2. Ok, this is the cutest thing ever! I'm laughing out loud and yes, dying of adorable overload! Thanks for linking up, love your blog ;)


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