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Friday, July 8, 2011

Living room s'mores

Tonight I was sitting there on the couch with my man, and I suddenly got a hankering for a good old fashion s'more. So I said, "hey babe, let's make s'mores on the grill!"

And what do you think he said?

"Oh, babe, no, not tonight. That means we have to take the cover off of it and then clean up and just...blah."

So after much prodding and poking, I decided to carry out my s'more dreams sans Chad. How did I do this? Well! I got myself out a candle entitled "Baking For Santa," because for some odd reason I only have seasonal scents, and retrieved all of the necessary items from the kitchen. I then sat down on our couch and proceeded to make myself a s'more. 

A picture of said adventure, you ask? What makes you think I would take an iPhone pic of such a thing.......

Oh, there's one! Take a look at that set up!

Ta-da! Look at that perfectly roasted mallow!

So even though I had a funky taste in my mouth a few hours after executing my makeshift camping treat, which probably means that my insides are rejecting "Baking For Santa," I'm proud of myself for taking the bull by the horns on this one.

{I would also like to thank the good Lord for not sending our couch up in flames. I mean, as glorious as our new-ish cushions are, I'm sure they are not fire retardant. We dodged a bullet, there!}

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  1. I do mine in the oven! Just turn your stove on to broil, put the marshmallows on a piece of foil, and turn them half way through!! they are delicious!

    your blog looks great!!


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