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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fortune 500 CEO {link up challenge #5}

Oh, how far we've come!
To think that we started off so harmlessly, and now we're here writing solid, legitimate, concrete, don't-mess-with- me type goals...Yep, that's pretty gosh darn awesome.
Wouldn't you agree?

Okay, I'm going to try to restrain my excitement for a few minutes and get down with my bad self.
So here is our CHALLENGE:

write your goal{s} out like a Fortune 500 CEO would. Here's how you write a legitimate, business based goal/objective:
{disclaimer: not an expert over here! This is what I meant by actually utilizing my college degree after all these months!}
MY BUSINESS will have made a profit of $500 by MARCH 1, 2012.
MY BUSINESS will have attended 15 CRAFT FAIRS by NOVEMBER 1, 2012.
Okay, those are just two examples of goals/objectives on a major list of several goals/objectives you should have, but you get the idea.
{It's a measurable quantity - not necessarily monetarily based - with an end date to evaluate said quantity}

I'm going to write out two because they both occurred to me the other night while driving home from my mother-in-laws birthday party and I don't want to lose them:

1. Three's {4} Me will launch a minimum 10 item Spring line of Ties for Tots on March 1, 2012, and to release a minimum 10 item Fall line of Ties for Tots on September 1, 2012.

2. Three's {4} Me will attend a minimum of four craft fairs by December 1, 2012.

Okay, unlike our last LINK UP CHALLENGE, I actually feel great after writing those out in black and white, instead of slightly melancholy. I feel like I have written attainable goals, and it has given me some direction over the next few months!

Now it's your turn!
{I know this one can seem sort of scary, but seriously, just writing those out makes me want to jump off this darn computer chair, sprint to my sewing machine and heave-ho!}
write your your goals/objectives as a Fortune 500 CEO would!

Grab a button!


I'm super stoked to read what you foresee in the very near future for your businesses!


  1. Great goals! I wish you luck on your adventure, I'm sure you will accomplish them all!

  2. Such an amazing post and challenge. Thank you for the challenge of giving me room for my business to grow while looking at it from a stand point of where it is now. You are so inspiring and your boy is so cute!


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