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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Just a few facts and figures

{Oh, you know, just relishing in the delight of Small Business Month}

Okay, so far Small Business Month has been a great success,
and guess what?
Sheesh kapeesh!
Already I have come into contact with some of the most amazing small business owners, and have chatted about their visions, thoughts, and basically,
their dreams.
Cheers to Small Business Month!

{TINY baby}

A few announcements

* Today I am guest posting over at Royal Daughter Designs, so hurry, hurry over there!
{Did I mention that she's the genius behind my blog revamp? Yeah. She's amazing.}

* Ashley from The Shine Project will be sharing her words of wisdom with us TOMORROW! 
Trust me, you will be obsessed with her Q&A session, and will learn a thing or two!

* This Tuesday, October 4th marks our first Link Up Party! Get those business-related posts set to go!
{Honestly, is there any better networking tool than a link up party? I think not!}
Here is the theme/challenge:
Tell about the moment you decided to turn your hobby into your business, and if you have not opened your "doors" yet, what is stopping you?
{Time? Resources? Fear?}

{Male bonding time}


* Women entrepreneurs are downright happier. That's right, all you Etsy shop owners! Often times women create their own businesses either as a means to escape previous career disappointments, or as "side projects." I don't know about you, but the majority of small business owner's I've come into contact who sell their merchandise through online retailers {Etsy}, are balancing families, households, pets etc., therefore qualifying their business venture a "side project." Well, guess what? You are happier than a man {and a better life juggler}!

* In the market right now, women show a greater fear of business-related challenges. Debt, financial management, lack of technical knowledge, family obligations, you name it. Women just so happen to fear these things more than men. Especially for indie-based entrepreneurs {again, Etsy}, start up costs seem scary and more of a "black hole" than a means to an end. Well, we just have to stop thinking that way. Period. End of story. 
You have to spend money to make money.
{More on this to come throughout the month}

* Taking yourself seriously. {source: me!}. Look, I get it. It's sort of scary and embarrassing to announce to your girlfriends that you've decided to open up your own little "shop" online. Of course they cheer you on and whatnot, but how are you presenting those facts to them? Are you saying something along the lines of, "Oh, you  know, I'm just going to see how it goes....." even though you'd rather say something like, "Look, ladies! I've figured out a new way to bring home the bacon, and I'm going to be darn successful at it!" For some odd reason, it's hard for people to admit that they're going out on a limb {especially, it seems, for moms}. But guess what? That's what this month is all about. It's about moving from the "Oh, this is just a fun side project for me {but it's secretly something I hope to become successful at}" category, to the "Hell yeah, I'm going to that craft fair this weekend, and I'm going to kick some major retail butt!" category.

{Mi Amore}

And some updates

* My small McCafe was glorious this morning

* I love the fact that I have to go to the Container Store this weekend and purchase packaging for Three's {4} Me Monday's post office outing 
{which, by the way, if anyone has some good packaging advice, send it my way, because although I get super excited to go to the Container store - who wouldn't? - it's mui expensivo}

* My man is going to the Charger's game today and he is ultra amped

* I saw I Don't Know How She Does It last night with my lady friend for a much needed girls night catch-up session

* And most importantly, on Saturday I hit the 26 week mark for Babe #2!


And could you vote for a gal?

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  1. Thanks for the love! I'm going to have to watch your small biz posts!!! I could learn a lot x a million!!!

  2. I love you. And not in a weird creepy kind of way, LOL...I came over from just.lovely.things and have been lost in your blog for awhile now. I think your Small Business Month idea is fantastic! I love your interviews and am totally going to work on a post for one of your link ups! I love your photos of your family too!:)


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