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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

UN-GIVEAWAY for the Cure!

So I've been feeling a tad bit guilty for not mentioning two things during this fabulous month of October because I've been so wrapped up into SBM {because it's so gosh darn fabulous}.

Here they are:
1. Steve Jobs passing: Hello? Could I be any more insensitive? The man literally changed the world, and was the MASTER of small business ownership {he started Apple in his garage}, and I have yet to mention him! HORRENDOUS! Anyway, he will be missed.

- and -

2. BREAST CANCER AWARENESS! What is wrong with me?! This is HUGE! And the worst part is that it has actually occurred to me that I had not mentioned anything about said awareness, but I felt like I was shoveling too much information out there and didn't want to pack to airwaves anymore! 
{I know. If you don't want to be friends with me anymore, I get it.}

But Amy from One Artsy Mama has given me the opportunity to ease my guilt and has come up with the GENIUS idea of an

So here's the deal:
I've joined a little network of ridiculously amazing women who have posted their handmade goodies on their blogs for people to bid on them. The proceeds of the highest bidder will immediately be sent to the
Susan G. Komen Foundation!

Here is the item I have made in order to benefit the CAUSE!
{a PINK zippered pouch!}

The rules are:
1. Leave a comment of your bid. {You can bid MULTIPLE times}

2. Bidding closes SUNDAY, OCTOBER 23rd at Midnight.

That's it!
Easy peasy.

Now go check out some of the other goodies up for grabs!

{Hope Pendant}
Amy from One Artsy Mama

{Hope Scarf}
Kim from Craftaphile

{PINK crocheted teddy bear - so this little cutie done in pretty pink}
Amanda from Scrap Project 365

{Rose bracelet} 
Hannah from Rubies & Pearls

{Inspirational art}
Andie Jaye from Crayon Freckles

{a HEALING PACKAGE of goodies}
Erin from Mama St. J Says

Suzanne from WhyCuzICan


And remember tomorrow is LINK UP CHALLENGE #6!
since we have written out our goals like a Fortune 500 CEO would, what has been holding you back from executing those goals? Time? Sales force? Capital? Equipment? A lack of networking opportunities? 
{Examining such reasons may seem pointless, but it is actually quite important in the "evaluation" process of goal setting. So you are going to look back on what you have done to help your small business up until this point, and EVALUATE why you haven't reached the goals you set on Tuesday. Hindsight is one of our most important tools, so USE IT!}
{ie.-remember that horrible outfit you wore in that picture you pulled out from under your bed? Yeah, in HINDSIGHT that probably was not such a great idea.......See what I mean!}



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