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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

I just can't stay away.
I was going to try to put my Awkward and Awesome moments on the shelf until SBM was over in an attempt to not clog the airways, but guess what?
I can't.

So let's do it!


* The other morning at the doctor's office. Everything about this morning was awkward. I thought I was just getting an ultrasound, but in fact I had a check up AND an ultrasound, which would be awesome normally, but I had not prepared adequately for Carter to be hanging around a doctor's office for 2+ hours. We were awkward. He reached the end of his rope, and I became frazzled. We were starving. We were sick of being there. Eek. Then we had to pay $9 for parking. Kill me.

* Experiencing an internal ultrasound for the first time. Man, that's awkward. And cold......freezing, actually. I was shocked she wanted to do an internal, but I guess that's what my bod called for! Man...oh, man.

* Feeling like every time I switch sides while sleeping, I'm hauling a 30 pound back pack of rocks strapped to my front side as well. It's. So. Hard. To. Roll. Over.

* Not having bought pretty, pregnancy appropriate sleepwear yet. I'm currently wearing Chad's massive shirts, which sounds sweet and cute, but I look like a big clout of frumpiness during those pre-bed time hours. Isn't that the time you're supposed to look/feel your sexiest? Welp, not me over here. 



* Going STROLLER SHOPPING! Oh my gosh, SO. MUCH. FUN. I will have LOTS to say about said adventure very soon. Woohooo!

* Chad and I actually AGREEING on a stroller situation! {We've had an ongoing battle for the past two years as to what sort of stroller we are going to purchase once Babe #2 arrives, and guess what? We decided to just buy two! Yep, it's awesome.}

* Small Business Month. I just LOVE it. I'm sad it's coming to an end soon, but you know what? That just means that I need to think of some sort of way to hover over the topic of small business ownership in some other way......Thoughts have been a-brewin', I'll tell you that much!

* My niece turning 3, and one of my best friend's baby turning 1! Oh, to grow and be happy!

*Thinking about Carter's second birthday party. I'm thinking a jump house this time, since Carter will be a little bit older and that just sounds like fun. Maybe I'll hop on in and try to manually kick start my labor? Hmmm....

* Having doctor appointments every 2 weeks now. So much better.

* The fact that the word "DUST" is gracing my To Do list. I know this would not be considered "awesome" traditionally, but let's just say this: I AM YEARS BEHIND. years.

* Babe #2 having the hiccups on a daily basis. For awhile I kept thinking the baby was just kicking rhythmically, causing me to believe I had some sort of Mozart in there, but then I remember that those little movements were actually hiccups. It made me laugh when I finally realized what was going on.

* Chad helping my family buy a new desktop computer and setting it up for them! That's right! My man is one of those I-can-set-up-your-computer/Let-me-show-you-how-to-properly-cock-that-tub sort of guy. Weird examples?


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  1. Awsome - Can't wait to hear what stollers you went for! I bought a new stroller after each of our 3 kids was born. My last was my cheapest and my favorite (mia moda double umbrella stroller - light, easy to fold, CHEAP, fits through doors) I left it on the sidewalk the other day and it was gone when I went back for it, but at least I remembered all my kids!


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