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Sunday, October 9, 2011

My husband and his assignment on BIASES

Okay, my man is not a writer.
In fact, he loathes the entire idea of it.
He's one of those genius math and science type of guys,
something I'm HOPING our children will inherit,
because I literally had to change my major in college because there was no way I 
would have been able to get through the math requirements.
{Good-bye, Business degree,}
{Hello, Communications and American Studies!}

Anyway, I was raking through our perpetual pile of papers which always seems to make a home right in the middle of the kitchen table, and I came across an assignment he had turned in to one of his professors.
{He is a Business Management major, 
so the bulk of his classes revolve around how to handle teams of people,
which is awesome because he's already so darn good at that.}
Back to the raking-o-papers!
So I was mindlessly filing each usually-pointless piece of parchment, and this is what I came across:


The bias from the text that I see the most often would be bias by association. I am a young guy, married and I have one 2 year old (cutest baby ever) and another on the way. Working full time and school part time people just assume that I didn't want this life. People think that it is some kind of unplanned shotgun, hobo type lifestyle. I constantly find myself explaining my whole life story to my customers and co-workers who may or may not care. A bias is very judgmental and as a person on the receiving side of it, you can feel it before any words are even spoken. It is almost as if that persons pre-conceived notion of your lifestyle is never going to be changed. As far as reducing the impact or reducing this bias the only thing I have thought of, would be to grow some grey hairs or grow out a beard. Neither of which I can do. 

{There it is, original punctuation and all}
{word for word}

I remember him telling me about this paper, but man!

I also remember some of the crazy stories he has told people when they give him that "look."
Its like, holy moly, you jerk! Could you be any more obvious about that blatantly judgement look?
I completely know what he's talking about too, considering I look like a ridiculously young teenager.
Oh, well.
Such is life.
What I have to say to those people is this,
"Look, man, I don't know what to tell you. I'm sorry I have skin smoother than a baby's bottom, and my naturally long blond hair is lush and radiant, unlike that shrub atop your own head, but please, for goodness sakes, stop staring at me like I'm a heathen. Here, do you want to see my wedding ring??! It's just not cool!"
{I'm totally kidding about the baby's bottom comment}
{And the lush, radiant hair mention}
{But not the shrub-like hair one}

Guess who's gracing us with all of her Small Business Month knowledge tomorrow?
Heather from
{Yeah, I know you're excited, because she's CONQUERED Etsy-land, and crafty-land, and-personal-style-land.}
{....and I may or may not have jumped up and down in excitement when I received her Q&A back.}
{It's that awesome.}


  1. That is so sweet! And so true! My hubs and I get that a lot (tho we don't have a little one yet) and I'm constantly flashing my wedding ring at those crazy people and their looks...

  2. Oh I have so been down that road I am a new follower so I haven't learned a ton about you yet but I definitely know what your talking about. I am 24 (and because I am so short people often assume I am younger), and my step son is 7 and people ALWAYS give me that "stare" and then I love when they ask our ages just to do the math... or the lovely question wow you were so young when you had him.... "I just assume the position and say "yup" and walk away.

    Sorry to ramble on but "those" stares can definitely get on your nerves!

  3. Just became a follower of yours today, and so glad I did. I can totally relate to the looking younger thing (not because of smoothness or radiance though :))... Love that you posted this from your husband!


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